Quickest Way to Lose Weight Without Dieting – 5 Tips on How to Lose Weight the Right Way!


If you’re looking for the quickest way to lose weight – you’re not the only one. Whatever is your interpretation of the shortest time frame to lose weight, the tips below will show you how to lose weight and keep it off.

5 Quickest Way to Lose Weight

1. It’s boring, but it’s true – Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. These are still top of the list for the best foods to eat when dieting as they contain nutrients and fibers which help the body system. The fiber in fruits and vegetables help us digest food properly which contributes to a much healthier body, and keeps you full longer. Stick to the 2 serves of fruits and 5 serves of veggies every day!

2. Snack Smart to lose stomach fat – Keep plenty of crunchy, healthy foods around. Raw veggies, almonds, or fat-free popcorn can really help in a pinch where you must eat something! Or better still, substitute an activity for eating. Call a friend, go for a bike ride or take a walk. Anything but eating when you should not! Planning ahead is the key to combating possible cravings or avoiding vulnerable situations – that way you won’t wreck the effort you’ve put in to losing the weight.

3. Enlist a like minded ally – find a workout partner who has a similar goal, whether it’s to drop 10 pounds or train for a 10k. Someone whose strengths complement yours will help you stay focused and accountable for your own actions. Not only that, a friend can give you perspective. If you lose your way with weight gain or hit a plateau, he or she may remind you that weight fluctuations are normal – or point out how far you have reached.

4. Go for muscles – muscles simply shapes our bodies better, even for women. And unfortunately, most women never consider developing muscles fearing that they will be the next HULK. However, women simply do not have the make up … and lack the testosterone to do so. To put it simply, if you have more muscles than fat, you will look more trimmer. So do you prefer fat or muscle?

5. Lastly, if you want the quickest way to lose weight – there are ‘NONE’…sorry. Even if you do fine one to reduce your belly fat, you’ll more likely pile the weight back for sure. Frankly, if you want to know what is the quickest way to lose weight … stick to a solid, progressive routine of eating smarter, multi-movement strength training and high intensity cardio training. You’ll probably see some great results in two weeks, definitely in a month – provided you stay consistent. This is really how to lose weight the right way.


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