Recent Facebook Photos: A Plugin for WordPress


Whether you’re a business or individual, you’ve probably wished it were easy to import your recent Facebook photos onto your WordPress website. Now it is!

The Recent Facebook Photos plugin for WordPress makes it very easy to include the most recently shared photos on your Facebook page.

All you need is add your Facebook URL.

You don’t even need to be able to remember how to use the included shortcode – there is an interface for it built right into the Visual Editor of your WordPress admin.

Just plug and go!

This plugin is fully packed for you!

  • Configurable widget
  • Configurable shortcode
  • In-editor shortcode generator
  • 3 Gallery styles included
  • Links to Facebook Photo pages
  • Thorough documentation included

It even caches Facebook photos for 5 minutes so that it doesn’t slow down your site while your visitors browse.

View a demo of the different gallery styles here!


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