Rose Quartz and Love – How Do They Fit Together?

What is rose quartz? Quartz is a type of crystal, belonging to the mineral family. The rose quartz, is, according to studies, very unique, unlike any other pink mineral variety, whose colour is brought about by iron and titanium impurities.

This crystal, also considered a gemstone, is the alternate birthstone for the month of January. This pretty and charming pink crystal is a loving energy crystal that will help you let go of the past, help you to accept yourself, and be open to start loving anew. The loving vibrations and ambience the rose quartz has help you to open your heart, as long as you are ready to free yourself of the past, and to make yourself open to the changes the rose quartz is going to help you with, in healing yourself.

How is the rose quartz supposed to help you with love? It is said that if you channel your energy to the rose quartz, holding it first in your left hand and visualizing what you desire the most, feel these yearnings and how you would feel should you have attained it, then this image would slowly diminish in the crystal.

Love when played around with, especially when using love spells, can always be one of two things. It can end beautifully, or it can end in a bad way.

If you have tried using a love spell and things go awry, the spell gets broken, and you lost your love in the process. You become hurt, and do vengeful things, not to mention think bad thoughts. These are all the opposite of love, and what it truly means.

You can’t make love work by using forces of nature, when nature is against it in the first place. Do you believe in these things? Do you believe that there are times when nature just seems to work against you, and it would somehow feel that it is so difficult making things work?

You could look at love spells in one way, but for some its best to avoid their use at all. Let’s try to be more basic and earthly, in terms of letting nature work in letting you find your fate. Using one of Mother Nature’s crystals and letting it work for you instead of manipulating things, is a lot better.

Learn by heart, and realize that love is not something that you play with, manipulate or control. Using the rose quartz is something that, as much as possible, is better to work with for individuals like you to attract the right kind of love.

Hopefully, with your desire and longing embedded in the rose quartz, you are able to create a compelling and attractive aura and, hopefully, attract love into your life.

Source by Josephine Marks

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