Running In Fancy Dress



Everyone wants to participate in charity half marathons – or even full marathons. Some people will want to try and complete the race in a set time, some will want to just have a pleasurable day, and think a fancy dress costume will be fun. However, people who usually want to wear a fancy dress costume are the ones who will be walking/jogging slower – and may not realise the extra effort required to wear a costume.

Think ahead.

If you have been training for your race in shorts and t-shirt, and decide at the last minute to wear a costume, think of the extra weight, how much more you will perspire, and the extra water you will need.

Fancy dress is a great way to make a fun day even better – but unless you are incredibly fit only choose a lightweight costume – and none that will cause you to be unable to complete the race.

What may not seem like too much weight now, could feel incredibly draining at the end of 13.1 miles or even 26.2.

If you are determined to complete the race in fancy dress – you must try to complete the distance. It may seem embarrassing at your local running/jogging track to be dressed as a gorilla, but it will be better then needing the paramedics on the race day because you are dehydrated, from trying to complete a race you were ill prepared for.

Even wearing a “blues brothers” costume (a very popular choice), could complete change the way your body acts if you are used to running in shorts. The extra heat your body will retain from wearing trousers and a jacket could cause you to dehydrate.

Remember to train in your costume before the race, drink lots of water – and if you feel tried, dizzy, or sick. Slow down, and if needed. Stop.


Source by Amy Leigh Parker

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