Secrets Revealed – How to Save Money on Your Disney World Vacation

Now that you’ve finally decided to take the family to Disney World on vacation you’ve probably just begun to realise that the costs really do add up if you’re not careful. You have to get there, stay there, eat there, buy park tickets and souvenirs. All well and good if money were no object, but don’t despair, here are five ways you can make your Disney vacation more affordable.

1. When is the best time to visit Disney World?

As with most vacation destinations the time of year you visit can have an affect on the price too. While a themepark ticket will cost you the same whatever time of year you travel, the hotels are definitely cheaper during the off-peak season. The great news is that the crowds are lower at this time too so you’ll be able to experience even more in the time you have available.

The first week in January is generally the least busy time of year. Early November and early December are also good times to travel for low crowds and low prices.

2. How can you stay in a Deluxe Resort without the price tag?

Have you heard Disney’s best kept secret? It’s called the Disney Vacation Club or DVC and is essentially a timeshare programme. And here’s the other best kept secret, you don’t even have to be an owner to take advantage of the deluxe accommodations on offer because many owners will be willing to rent their points to you on the years that they can’t travel.

3. Do you really need to rent that car?

If you are staying in a Disney hotel then you can save money by not renting a car. Disney has transportation in the form of busses, boats and a monorail to help you travel between your hotel and the theme parks. You don’t even need to worry about how to get your family from the airport to the Resort as Disney’s free Magical Express coach service will deliver you and your luggage, and then take you back again in time for your return flight.

4. How do you save money on park tickets?

The biggest mistake that most guests make is that they spend too much money on their park tickets. There are a couple of things that you need to know before you buy your tickets to save those all important dollars. For starters, don’t wait until you arrive at the park gates to buy your tickets, you can save money by buying them in advance from an authorised ticket seller. Secondly, the Disney park tickets are like a pick and mix, so make sure you only buy the parts of the ticket that you will actually use.

5. How can you experience all restaurants without breaking the bank?

If you and your family love to eat then Disney has just the thing for you in the form of the Disney Dining Plan. This scheme allows you to pay for your food and drink in advance so that for a fixed price each day you can dine at one of the 100 restaurants across the Resort, including those at themeparks and hotels.

Source by Clare Swindlehurst

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