Security While You Park It


Imagine this … Walking to your car at night, it is cold, it is dark, it might be rainy, you may be fidgeting to find your keys and you are not sure where you parked and out of the blue, WHAM! You have been knocked in the head and mugged. If there would have been security cameras at parking lot, you would have easily found the real culprit and suspect him as well based on evidences.

Walking alone to your car at night can make anyone a little insecure because you never know what may linger in the shadows. If the security cameras are turned on in parking lot, they will provide you a little more piece of mind and give you a sense of security. If someone who would be willing to attack you were aware of the security cameras, they would have been more than likely to leave you alone for no other reason than they will soon be done. Perhaps the person who mugged you grabbed your keys and took your car. Your stolen car may not be traced and found for awhile, but the cameras can hopefully help you determine where that darn thief took off to. Security cameras cut down in situations like this, such as assaults or mugging, that can happen to people when they have just had a long day at work or even a nice evening shopping, or whatever reason.

Additionally, security cameras at parking lot will help protect your vehicle from being vandalized by someone while it is not attended. This will ensure that your vehicle will be a little more safe and sound while you are not near it. It will also help cut down on pranks. Perhaps you went out to your car and you think that maybe you did not park it where you thought you did. Maybe it was not just the work of a vandal, but instead someone stub your car absolutely!

If someone is assailed in your parking lot and you had no security system in the works, do you really think they will feel comfortable continuing to patronize your business? Absolutely not. It makes a vulnerable person that much more vulnerable.

Many security cameras are in a parking garage, outside of a building or even atop a light post. These allow for a large panoramic view of the parking lot from all different angles. Many of them are hooked up to a security monitoring system inside the building or concessions. If in a parking garage, a parking attendant may even be able to watch over them and call for help if needed. Surveillance systems are not just in black and white anymore but are in color and can be held to see if a situation arises that they are needed to assist in a case or scenario.


Source by George Rodriguez

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