Sellers Beware!

The weather is warming up and sellers are now thinking it is a great time to put their home on the market. I would tell you the best time to put your home on the market is when your personal circumstances, needs, or wants dictates it. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when selling a home is a little more difficult such as during the holidays but if a home is marketed correctly AND if the transaction is handled professionally it can always be sold.Sellers should be careful when choosing a listing agent for their home. I would recommend the following questions be asked before signing a listing agreement:

– Does the listing agent have “skin in the game?” Many real estate agents today are relying on their brokerage to do the advertising for them and do not put up a dollar of their own. An agent that is putting up their own money to advertise in local newspapers, magazines, home journals and the internet will work harder to sell your home. They understand every day that goes by without an offer is costing them money.

-Does the listing agent have a strong internet marketing plan? Today’s buyers rely on the internet to view homes. Buyers want to view homes with as many pictures as possible. They are drawn to homes that have virtual tours. Your listing agent should be creating a website or have a URL for your home only. In many cases this can be done if your listing agent has subscribed to additional services with internet sites such as (your agent can separate your listing from the pack by making it a showcase listing or feature home). Again you must ask, is the listing agent a true professional that has invested in their business to provide you better service?

-Will the real estate agent be able to provide you with FULL SERVICE? Many of today’s sellers are focused on the marketing of the home in comparison with the listing agent’s service fee, this is short-sighted. Selling a home is much more complicated than just marketing it. Selling a home requires Negotiating with the other party, Coordinating all aspects of the transaction, Communicating with all parties, and Verifying all information and documents are correct. When selling your home look at the big picture. The agent you choose should be strong in these areas and be able to represent you professionally.

Sellers should beware most of all of “secret agents.” Why list your home with an agent who is just a family member or friend but is not in the real estate game to win – meaning provide you with the best service and sell your home at the best price in the right time frame. If that agent is selling a home or two a year, is not on top of what is happening in the market, and does not have “skin in the game” to market your home professionally, think twice. We offer the FULL SERVICE real estate experience to sellers in CT. In fact we even provide mortgages to many of the buyers of our listings.

Source by Rob Rosa

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