Showing His Love – 5 Ways To Tell If He Truly Loves You, Or Is Holding His Feelings Back

Would you be surprised to learn that a man is better at showing his love, than at telling you how he feels? Can you spot the signs that show he loves you, or are you confused by these signs? Can you believe that he loves you even if he doesn’t come right out and say it or do you need to hear those magical words? Reassurance that he loves you is a wonderful thing, but be realistic in your expectations. If he’s better at showing his love, don’t let yourself get hung up on him telling you. Show and tell is for kids.

A man in love can get really frustrated when you express doubt that he really cares for you. In his mind he is doing everything he can to demonstrate his love for you, but for some reason you’re missing or just choosing to ignore what you see.

This is a man who finds that showing his love is a lot more comfortable than coming right out and saying it, so you better adjust your ideas of true love or risk losing him. Because if his frustration goes on for too long, don’t be surprised if he concludes that it’s just not worth the effort and gives up.

Here are some of the signs that show he loves you.

1. Is he a romantic at heart? Does he shows up at your doorstep with a cup of your favorite take out coffee and the cinnamon twist he knows you find irresistible? If he sends you flowers at work, so you can show them off to your friends, don’t you think you should cut him some slack? If this isn’t love, then what exactly does he have to do to prove he cares?

2. Does he make you feel special when he’s around or when he takes you out? Does he notice your new hairstyle and compliment you on that great new top you’re wearing? Guys do not generally pay that much attention to details when it comes to the women in their life. If he does, don’t you think you should give him some credit for how creatively he’s showing you his love?

3. Does he listen to you talk about your dreams and aspirations? Does he encourage you to go out and make them happen, even when others are trying to stop you? This kind of faith is a lot more than just being a friend.

4. Is he there for you when you feel down and does he share his ups and downs with you? If he trusts you enough to let you inside and see his vulnerability, he’s expressing his love, even if he doesn’t use the words.

5. Has he told you he’s not interested in dating other women and only wants to be with you? He may not be ready to take the next step but if you don’t recognize this for what it is, you better give your head a shake.

If your man is showing his love, consider yourself a lucky woman. He may not be telling you he loves you in so many words, but he’s telling you with his actions and maybe that’s even better.

Want to know more about how to make him show his love for you more and more with time? Then I’d love to help you out!

Source by Evangeline K Harris

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