ShutterBugs SB-1080P 2-INCH LCD MULTIPURPOSE ACTION CAMERA Sports and Action Camera(Multicolor 12 MP)

Record Continuous Video Loop that Overwrites itself Until Press the Shutter Button to Stop and Save, Continuous Photo: Hold Down the Shutter Button to Continuously Capture a Series of Photos Until Shutter Button is Released, Time Lapse: Automatically Capture a Series of Photos at Timed Intervals, Adjust the Color Profile of Video Footage or Photos, Color Setting: Resulting Color Profile (GoPro Color (Default): GoPro Color Corrected Profile (Same Great Color as when Protune is Turned Off), Flat: Flat, Neutral Color Profile that can be Color Corrected to Better Match Footage Captured with other Equipment, Offering More Flexibility in Post-production), Spot Meter is Ideal or Filming within a Dark Space with the Camera Pointed towards a Brighter Setting (Such as Filming the Outdoors from Within a Car), Rechargeable Battery (4.4 Wh), Camera: Preview and Play Back Videos and Photos on Camera Touch Display, Battery Type: Lithoum-ion Battery

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