Simple Exam ,Quiz ,Practice Test,Skill Evaluation App


Android Simple Exam Info:

  • Create and Launch the complete Custom Mobile App for a Exam or Quiz or Mock Tests,Practice Questions
  • Manage & Administrate the Questions & Answers with a Simple Excel sheet.
  • All Questions & Answers are stored in Password protected Sheet. This sheet can sync with any public cloud.
  • Each level can have specific Time period for completing the Quiz.
  • Multiple choice questions with four options. Supports only Text. Timer will close automatically and End the Exam or Quiz.
  • Categorized Subjects/topics and Levels on each subjects/Topics.
  • Each Subject/topic can have automatic Alphabetic icons/logos,all parameters are set customise for change.
  • Exam or Quiz can work through offline.
  • Share the Score through social networks.
  • Option to Traverse to the next level exam or quiz after completing the level.
  • Monetize your app and add Google AdMob Code .
  • Leverage the advantage of Android Material Design with beautiful Transitions
  • On Demand Sync option for the Questions & Answers
  • No need to invest on Cloud Servers for Managing the Questions & Answers.
  • App can Support for 8200+ Devices in play store


  • Focus only on filling the excel sheet with questions and answers.
  • Every Quiz can be administered with Excel Sheet including the time required for Quiz.
  • Launch your App and make a faster move for Market.
  • Monetize the App with Admob Integrated version.

Full Source Code We provide full source code and also written comments on all code for understanding the code.
Also with video help file.

Demo Play Store URL:

For Custom Integration and any specific requirements, Please shoot a email to


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