Simple Exit Modal for WooCommerce


Simple Exit Modal for WooCommerce is an exit intent popup plugin that will help you increase your conversion rate and sales in WooCommerce. After a really simple setup you will be able to display an exit popup on your WooCommerce pages. A modal popup containing a simple web form and – of course – explaining the “exclusive” deal you are offering them.

And once the form is filled, the plugin will automatically send the deal to your soon-to-be customer by email using regular WooCommerce email template.

If you’re concerned about customer cost acquisition, you need to consider this exit popup plugin !

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*Note that default settings will fit almost every needs so you can start using it almost right away. Regarding the commercial offer, I found out that a 5% cart discount coupon code has the good balance between conversion and costs.

Screenshot of a “real life” exemple of an exit intent popup for WooCommerce :

display an exit popup when the visitor leaves woocommerce

Technical informations :

  • Translation reading including full fr_FR and en_US translations
  • WPML & Polylang compatible
  • Actions & filters everywhere for developers


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