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Simple Invoice Manager – Invoicing Made Easy V3.0 is available with multiple billing companies, customer ledger with multiple user accounts, recurring invoices, online payment (Paypal and Skrill), products modules, payment options, advance reports and new theme. Download and update today!

Simple Invoice Manager is a php based web app to manage your invoices/payments/quotations/customers. You can call this open & responsive invoice management solution.

User Interface is very easy and simple. There are 2 user levels, admins and sales. Reports including Daily Sales, Monthly Sales and Custom search invoice/payment reports.

Settings menu to change logo sand update other settings easily.

This is fully responsive web app utilizing the power of CodeIgniter and Bootstrap.

Live Demo Details

Role: username / password
Admin: / 12345678
Sales staff: / 12345678

Installation Note:

You will need internet connectivity to install this item.

Change log

Update 3.6.5 (6th July 2018)
* Improved pdf view

Update 3.6.4 (22nd June 2018)
* Update CI to 3.1.9

Update 3.6.3 (8th June 2018)
* Improved pdf for special characters

Update 3.6.2 (30th May 2018)
* Fixed Number To Words for non supported currencies 

Update 3.6.1 (3rd May 2018)
* Updated Number To Words (n2w to c2w) with composer pkg

Update 3.6.0 (16th April 2018)
* Replace mpdf with dompdf
* Removed third party libs and add them as compose dependencies

Update 3.5.5 (3rd April 2018)
* Update CI to 3.1.8
* Fixed paypal/skrill amount issue

Update 3.5.4 (12th March 2018)
* Fixed the Numbers library file encoding issue
+ Added trim to email input
* Update sale/quote item unit price to real unit price

Update 3.5.3 (8th February 2018)
* Update CI to 3.1.7
+ Added option for default notes

Update 3.5.2 (29th September 2017)
* Fixed edit sale/quote issue (once order items reached the max rows)
+ Added option for product tax methods (inclusive/exclusive)

Update 3.5.1 (16th June 2017)
* Fixed expiry date calendar issue
+ Added option to view expiry date from list quotations

Update (17th April 2017)
* Update CI and mpdf to latest
* Fixed double shipping issue for online payments
* Fixed issue with calculation for new quote/sale rows

Update 3.4.3 (1st January 2017)
+ Update CI to 3.1.2

Update 3.4.2 (29th December 2016)
+ Added payment buttons in view invoice

Update 3.4.1 (17th November 2016)
* Fixed pdf layout issue
* Fixed navigation issue on mobile/tablets

Update 3.4 (6th October 2016)
+ Added order level tax
+ Added product level discount
+ Added product details option
+ Added Stripe payment gateway
+ Added import customer by csv
+ Added notes in settings
+ Updated calendar for multiple events

Update 3.3.11 (6th June 2016)
* Fixed due date issue for recurring invoices. 

Update 3.3.10 (30th May 2016)
* Added taxes to daily and monthly sales report

Update 3.3.8 & 3.3.9 (15th February 2016)
* Fixed backup restore issue
* Corrected spelling mistakes
* Change mpdf configuration
* Improved cron job code

Update 3.3.7 (19th January 2016)
* Fixed issues with numbers to words
* Improved pdf download/export

Update 3.3.6
* Added email templates under settings

Update 3.3.5
- Fixed total paid amount in client area
- Fixed manual sale status update key issue
- Improved cronjob

Update 3.3.4 (16th October 2015)
+ Added option to see day's events by clicking the sidebar calendar date
* Fixed cron email issue

Update 3.3.2 (7th October 2015)
* Fixed client area view issue
* Fixed change language issue
* Fixed stamp and sign image issue

Update 3.3.1 (9th September 2015)
* Changed the app folder structure
  * sim folder is renamed to app 
  * the view files are moved to themes/default/views
+ The documentation is in help folder
There is no change in feature from

Update 3.2 (18th June 2015)
* Updated from CI 2.2 to 3 and removed HMVC 
* Added payment buttons in invoice email
* Added the money/number format
* Added option to edit/delete payment
* Added sendmail and stmp options for email
* Added button to generate random reference number
* Improved the Corn job
* Fixed download as pdf language support issues

Update 3.1.2 (13th Mar 2015)
* Updated the customers selection from name to company on edit pages.
* Changed quantity to have decimal values (before it was accepting integers only).
* Fixed Paypal and Skrill update issue.

Update 3.1.1 (9th Mar 2015)
* Updated corn to automatically email newly created invoices.
* Added option to enable/disable html invoice in email.
* Fixed sales report.

Update 3.1 (3rd Mar 2015)
* Added option to created user with new customer (Enable/Disable in settings)
* Fixed cc and bcc issue for invoice and quotation email.

Update 3.0.1 (28th Feb 2015)
* Added option to select date while adding payment
* Added ID column on invoices and quotations listing pages.

Update 3.0 (26th Feb 2015)
* Multiple billing companies
* Customer ledger with multiple user accounts
* Recurring invoices
* Online payment for clients (Paypal and Skrill)
* Option to disable tax (Settings)
* Option added for due date in invoices
* Option added for recurring invoices
* Option added for expiry date in quotations
* Option to add Stamp and Signature Image to billing companies
* Fixed create user multiple email issue
* Fixed chart loading issue

Update 2.2 (25th March 2014)
* Added discount option.
* Fixed products auto suggestion issue.

Update 2.1 (9th December 2013)
* Added Products Import by CSV File.
* Added shipping cost option to invoice/quotations.
* Added Total in words on view/download/email invoice.
* Updated the settings page

Update 2.0 (5th December 2013)
* Added Products Module.
* Added Payment option to add/record invoice payments.
* changed theme
* Added Simple Event Calendar (Shared or Private)
* Improved Reports
* Added option to restrict sales for sales staff
* Added date format

Update 1.2 (29th April 2013)
* Improved Customer Selection.
* Add Invoice Status (Cancelled, Overdue, Paid, Pending).
* Improved Sales List and Reports to have column total and status update.
* Fixed Update invoice/quotation issues.
* Improved Security.


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