simpleCE v.2 – mini CMS


simpleCE v.2.2 (mini CMS)

You can use simpleCE in a lot of different cases: with the basic functions you can create editable websites, slideshows, galleries, landingpages, Facebook pages and some more cool things … (try the live preview and convince yourself)

What is simpleCE?

simpleCE is a simple Content-Management System with front-end editor mode. That means, you can directly edit its contents, files and images in the view in which you would see your website as a normal user. There is also no complex back-end, no complicated settings or other hindrances. The system has been so designed that one need not familiarize oneself with a complex template or theme system, because there are none. Templates can be designed individually through separate PHP Includes.

Awesome Features

front-end editing
You can edit all content elements directly in the front-end of your website.


custom branding
simpleCE is white label software, you can change every logo and copyright note.


fast & easy integration
The Installation and integration process for small sites needs less then 15 minutes. The download here on codecanyon includes a pdf-file and video-tutorial with detailed informations about simpleCE, its functions and the integration process. There is also a demo-website and code generator included.

for every use case
It’s perfect for: small and middle sized websites (subpages are supported), landingpages, Facebook Fanpages, etc.

More Features:

» quick and easy front-end editing
» custom branding for frontend and backend    
» WYSIWYG Editor for text elements
» image and file upload
» automatic Lightbox integration
» quick installation in less than 5 minutes
» easy user and rights management
» generator for content elements (for developers)
» backup and optimization functions
» one-click auto update
» cache system for a faster page load time
» webspace file browser and editor
» Works on mobile devices like Apple iPad or iPhone
» fast and easy integration in mostly every static website


Try the simpleCE online demo and convince yourself:

Username: admin
Password: admin

More Details:

The actual system offers an ID-based elements system; you can thus incorporate editable texts, images and file elements into all your PHP files, easily and without much expenditure. The editor interface and Light Box functions are managed and integrated autonomously by the system.

simpleCE provides language files and documentation in english and german, you can select the language while the installation process. It’s also possible to add custom translations in other languages!

For which websites is simpleCE designed?
» Medium sized websites like portfolios or small company websites
» Facebook Pages
» Microsites
» Landingpages
» Image Galleries

simpleCE includes this beautiful demo-template, that you can use and customize for your own purpose



The fastest way to get in touch with me is via the CodeCanyon Email form on this Profile Page (bottom right).

System Requirements

– PHP-Version 5.4 or greater
– Image manipulation library like GD2 or Imagick
– A MySQL 5 (or greater) Database is required
– PHP cURL (only for the auto update function needed)
– PHP ZZIPlib (only for the auto update and backup function needed)
– Apache 2 with mod_rewrite


Version 2.0.0
» new major release

Version 2.0.1
» added new attributes to the image and file element
» added some new hints to the docs
» fixed some translation issues

Version 2.0.2
» added support for jQuery 1.11.1 – use “sce_footer(array(‘jquery’ => ‘v1’));” to use jQuery 1.11.1 instead of 2.1.1
» fixed some translation issues
» fiexd a problem with the dashboard equalHeights plugin

Version 2.0.3
» optional captcha for admin login
» fixed some translation issues

Version 2.0.4
» fixed a bug with IPv6 and the login captcha

Version 2.0.5
» fixed a bug with the class attribute for the image element
» added return mode array for images and files

Version 2.1.0
» jQuery update (v.1.11.3 and v.2.1.4)
» implementation of the latest CodeIgniter (2.2.4) security patches
» CKEditor update
» fixed some little issues

Version 2.1.1
» fixed some little issues & improved setup process

Version 2.2.1
WARNING: simpleCE 2.2 is the most comprehensive update since the 2.0 release. Please create a full file and database backup before you upgrade. Take care of all changes and make sure that new script versions and behavior will not break your site. If you have questions or problems please send me an email.

» new PHP requirements: You need at least PHP 5.4
» upgrade to CodeIgniter 3.1.2
» full PHP 7 and MySQLi compatibility
» jQuery upgrade to 2.2.4
» performance improvements
» fixed a bug with inline editing and loops
» setup process improvements
» fixed some little issues

Version 2.2.2
» SSL compatibility

Version 2.3.0
» Updated jQuery versions
» added support for jQuery 1.12.4 – use “sce_footer(array(‘jquery’ => ‘v1’));” to use jQuery 1.12.4 instead of 2.2.4
» added support for jQuery 3.2.1 – use “sce_footer(array(‘jquery’ => ‘v3’));” to use jQuery 3.2.1 instead of 2.2.4
» implementation of the latest CodeIgniter (3.1.4) security patches
» performance improvements
» fixed some little issues


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