Skins for minecraft PE


Skins for Minecraft PE the Pocket Edition is a great app that allows you to choose a new skin to your Minecraft character for free with just the touch of a button! You can download the skin you like with only one click. Download it to your device.

the app is made only for downloading the skins to the mobile and not directly to the minecraft app,. Once the user upload the skin, a message appears showing him how to add that skin to his minecraft word manually.

HOW TO use:

Simply, check all the available skins, cartoon skins, games skins and lot more.

choose whatever skin you like, download it directly to your mobile.

This pack includes:

1- the main files of the app.
2- An APK file to test the app.
3- Help file documentation.


1- admob banners in all th pages.
2- admob interstitial appears after each 2 user actions.
3- Social networks sharing buttons.

this app was made using Android Studio, so you will need Android Studio so as you can use it.

  • Notice: **
    1- please change all the skins not ours (images of skins and put your own skins)
    2- Try to block all the bad ads in your admob.


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