Sneakers Inc. – iOS Shopping App with API & Sales Dashboard


Ever wanted to start your own shop online?
Now it’s easy like 1-2-3 with the Sneakers Inc. app template.

Sneakers Inc. – iOS Shopping App with API & Sales Dashboard is a full e-commerce mobile application, written in Swift 4 for iOS and in LARAVEL 5 for the API & Backend with a clear and appealing look and feel. The Android version will be released soon with an update of this pack.
The app is supporting push notifications (Firebase) as well as the Stripe payment gateway (SDK provided via – just add in your keys and it is ready to receive payments. A true one stop solution to get your shop started.

Your customers browse and buy your product conveniently from their iPhones. A straightforward check out process is ensuring conversions are actually happening.

Server Requirements:

• PHP 7

• MySQL 4

• Apache / Nginx Webserver

• Composer

Make sure your server supports these above features and that you ideally have command shell control with full admin rights. Shared hosted servers are not recommended unless they meet the above requirements.

iOS app features:

• User registration

• Login and forgot password function

• Browse products

• Add products to cart

• Search products

• Check out

• User Profile

• Push Notifications enabled

• Swift 4

• Compatible with XCode 9.1 or higher

WATCH THE TUTORIAL HERE: Sneakers Inc. – Tutorial for API and Dashboard

It includes an API and a Backend Dashboard to manage the shop. Simply install these components on a Webserver (or on several if you need to scale) and update a simple configuration file to make it all work. A tutorial, which is part of this pack, is included.

Dashboard & API features:

• Add and manage products

• Manage orders (set status, edit, cancel)

• Manage users (deactivate, reset)

• Easy to extend using

• Laravel version 5.4

Setup tutorials included.

The app can be extended in flexible ways. We’ve arranged the storyboard and views in a simple way for you to change the purpose and style of the app easily.

Android support will follow soon, probably by April we are going to push it along with the next release.

We will provide free updates and free support, simply email us at and we will get back to you within 8 hours latest!

A basic understanding/experience of iOS- and PHP-Development with Laravel as well as Server Management (ideally Linux) is required in order to work with this pack. However, if you get lost we will be around to help you out. This pack is a great way however to learn everything about basic App- and API-Development.


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