Sony DSC-H200 Point & Shoot Camera(Black)

The Sony Cyber Shot DSC camera is a great point and shoot device that is ideal for both beginners and intermediates. Sensor Technology The 20.1 MP Super HAD CCD sensor is highly efficient in taking high quality images with little or no artefacts. The sensor is also great for high quality low light images. The device is well designed for high quality photography so that you do not need to keep changing the ISO settings too much to click good pictures over a wide range of lighting conditions. Zoom Function This camera is equipped with a high quality lens that can zoom in to 26 X in the optical range. This optical zoom is more effective than digital zoom as it involves actually magnifying the image as seen by the lens. Other digital zoom methods only magnify the pixels and create a large, yet low quality image that is not desirable. Advanced Flash This camera by Sony is incorporated with an Advanced Flash that can fire according to the settings that get coded during scene recognition. This is especially seen during the Auto mode metering where the flash fires if the lighting is less than adequate. HD Movie Recording This Sony Cyber Shot camera is capable of taking high definition videos so that you can record your own HD movies with the help of this device. The 720 p resolution is highly effective even when connecting the device to an HD output like an HDTV. Display Technology This point and shoot camera is equipped with a 3 inch Clear Photo TFT LCD screen that is useful for previews and also for staging your subject for that perfect shot. This is also an effective way of gauging which photos are important enough to keep in the camera and which can be deleted, without having to wait for a computer. Other Features In terms of comfort, the camera is quite well designed, keeping in mind the contours and the average shape of the human hand. The DSLR styled body allows you to hold this camera in a very professional manner to shoot the very best images possible from a device of this calibre. You also have the Optical Steady Shot to shoot crisp pictures.

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