Sony DSC-WX200 Point & Shoot Camera(Black)

Compact Cameras are great for beginners and intermediates as they come with a lot of automatic features that make it easy for learning processes. The Sensor Technology This Cyber Shot DSC by Sony is equipped with a powerful 18.2 MP EXMOR R CMOS Sensor that is well suited for high quality photography while still being able to take great shots even under low light conditions. Optical Zoom Levels The camera comes with a healthy 10 X Optical Zooming capability. This allows you to get closer to the action without having to compromise on the quality of the image. Optical Zoom relies on image magnification at the sensor itself due to the changing focal length of the lens arrangement. This is much more desirable in terms of magnification as compared to pixel magnification in digital zooming. This also causes bad quality images due to excess pixilation. Steady Does It This camera is also equipped with the Optical Steady Shot feature that allows you to take super clear images even when your hands are a little unsteady. This is a great feature as it comes in handy during high speed photo sessions where you need to capture a moving subject or you need to move to keep the subject in focus. The Optical Steady Shot is capable of making the necessary changes and corrections in the image within the sensor and lens arrangement itself during the shutter movement process. High Speed Auto Focus This camera is also incorporated with a high speed Auto Focus mode that lets you focus on the subject of your choice. Most point and shoot cameras are equipped with the Auto Focus mode though not all of them will be capable of high speed focusing. The AF on this camera however, is able to focus on a subject without losing out on too much time. Connectivity This ultra compact camera is also incorporated with WiFi connectivity that lets you connect to a compatible WiFi network and transmit your photos to your preferred location through compatible channels. Movie Recording at Full HD The Sony Cyber Shot is capable of recording movies at a Full HD resolution of 1080 p which results in highly clear and crisp video files. Panorama It also comes with an Intelligent 360 degree Sweep Panorama Mode.

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