Spying 1.0


Spying 1.0 app is basically used to Spy/Track/keep an eye on your Girl friend/Boyfriends/Friends/Relatives/Son/Daughter/Siblings/Husband/Wife, Because in this busy world we all know we can’t be with them all the time, So in order to track keep an eye on them , to know whom they are talking to and whom they are receiving the text messages from, this app will be useful for you to get only the MOBILE numbers of the persons whom they are receiving the calls from. Follow the steps below to use this app.


1.Once you purchase it, Change the phone number in line no. 33 of “IncomingReceiver.java” file of this app to whom you want to spy/track/keep an eye on.

2.Then, Install the apk on the persons mobile whom you want to spy on

3.After successfully installing the apk on the persons mobile you will be getting all the Mobile numbers of whom they are receiving the Calls from.

4.Follow the Screenshots/Documentation if you don’t understand the steps, don’t forget to grant the permissions (Phone , SMS and any other) on the mobile for this app on which it is installed, as I ‘ve not handled permissions in this app.

How to grant permission for this app:

1.Go to app info on your mobile and tap the toggle button to all the permissions of this app (If you don’t grant permissions this app won’t work)

App Features:

Supports Android Studio.

Material Design.

Neat and Clean code.

Easy to reskin, commented code.

Documentation included.

PS: I’m not providing the apk because you need to change the phone number manually as we are doing it in step 1 above, then only it will work. The default number is set as +911234567890. As this number doesn’t exist you will not be getting any messages. So, change the number , follow the steps and test it . And DON’T Misuse . Thank You

Support: we will surely support you, just mail us spacexfrog@gmail.com


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