Sticking to Your Training Routine


Having a solid training routine is all well and good but if you don’t stick to it, you will see minimal success. Whether your goals are fat loss, overall weight loss, lean muscle gain, cardiovascular development, or overall fitness; you need to have a well thought out program and some motivation to stick to it.

Here are a few tips on keeping your routine fun and making it happen.

1. Hire a Personal Trainer: Setting weekly appointments and creating accountability is the ultimate way to stick to your routine. As a personal trainer for many clients in the Charlestown, Massachusetts area, I give them set times for their workouts and 2-3 days per week they are guaranteed that they will be at the gym.

2. Work out with a friend: Having someone else push you to get to the gym will always be a motivating factor. It is always easier to say no to yourself, but if you and a friend make a time to meet at the gym, the likelihood of you getting there is much higher. This makes the workouts more fun and motivating as well.

3. Plan Your Workouts Each Week: Figure out which days you will dedicate to strength training and which days you will perform your cardio and conditioning workouts.

4. Put Training Sessions in Your Planner: Whether you use a blackberry, computer, or old fashioned day planner; plug it in. Just like any other appointment, scheduling workouts will help to balance your time and make sure you get to the gym.

5. Set Goals: Set short term goals each week for your training sessions (lifting heavier weight, running longer or faster), set longer term goals (each month try to add a few more training sessions to your schedule), and long term goals such as a specific amount of body fat that you would like to lose, or training for a ½ marathon. This will give your training some structure and motivate you to get everything done.

Developing a solid routine, setting goals, and hiring a personal trainer are all great tactics to make sure that you stick to your training sessions and get maximum results.


Source by Callie Durbrow

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