Strength Training Programs Can Help Seniors Maintain An Active Lifestyle

When one thinks of old age, there is a temptation to picture a sad existence characterized by inactivity and degeneration. Perhaps it is fear or uncertainty that causes us to think this way, but in any case, this kind of description would be incorrect in many cases. There is growing evidence that we can take control of our future and prevent or ameliorate many physical conditions that used to seem inevitable as we age. In addition, it now seems that maintaining physical fitness and strength is still to a large extent possible as we age, but we must make a sustained effort both early in life and once we reach our senior years.

A recent study in Britain (Reuters India) suggested that senior citizens who continue to maintain physical activity can avoid many of the problems previously synonymous with old age.

“Regular exercise may help older adults stay steady on their feet, potentially cutting their risk of falls and fractures, according to a new research review…Various forms of exercise appeared effective, but strength training and exercise specifically targeting balance, coordination and walking ability showed the strongest effects.”

Of course, seniors who have been inactive for a long time should be especially careful when attempting to start a new fitness routine. Lots of progress can be made, but slow steady effort would be key here. Before you race off to the gym, you need to set some clear goals for yourself. It would also be wise to start by visiting your doctor to find out how to best start an exercise program without harming your health.

Source by Jon Cardozo

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