SUMO Reward Points – WooCommerce Reward System


SUMO Reward Points is a Complete WooCommerce Loyalty Reward Points System and most comprehensive WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin. Reward your Customers using Reward Points for Product Purchase, Writing Reviews, Sign up, Referrals, Social Promotion (Facebook like, Facebook share, Twitter tweet, Google+ share and on your site etc. The earned Reward Points can be redeemed for future purchases. SUMO Reward Points offers the flexibility to offer reward points at Product Level, Category Level and Global Level. SUMO Reward Points supports simple, simple subscription, variable and variable subscription products. It supports Fixed Reward Points for Product purchase or Reward by Percentage of the Product Price. Coupon should be enabled in WooCommerce for SUMO Reward Points Plugin to work.

Reward Point Conversion Settings available for Earning Reward Points and Redeeming Reward Points. Also Maximum Redeeming Points in Cart can be set in the Settings Page. SUMO Reward Points is WPML Compatible and Translate Ready.



  • Complete Reward Points System
  • Built on Top of WooCommerce
  • Points with Expiry
  • Nominee Feature for Charity
  • Make your Customers loyal using SUMO Reward Points
  • Reward Points for Product Purchase, Signup, Writing Reviews, Referrals, Coupon Codes, Blog Post etc
  • Reward Points can set at Product Level, Category Level and Global Level
  • Reward Points for Social Promotion such as Facebook like, Facebook share, Twitter tweet and Google+ share
  • Social (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Share for Referral Links
  • Update SUMO Reward Points Options in Product Level/Category Level for Existing Product/Category
  • Encashing Reward Points
  • Buying Reward Points
  • Member can Send Points to other Members
  • Member Level Feature
  • Strictly Point Pricing
  • Reward Points Payment Gateway
  • Redeem Points Option on Checkout Page
  • Exclude Products/Categories from Redeeming Points
  • Include Products/Categories which when added to Cart only Redeeming Points can be done
  • Refer a Friend feature to promote Referrals
  • Gift Vouchers with Reward Points
  • Bulk Gift Voucher Creation
  • Reward Points for Payment Gateways
  • Point Conversion Rate can be set
  • Minimum Points for First time redeeming
  • Minimum Points Balance for redeeming
  • Minimum Cart Total for redeeming
  • Maximum Points for Redeeming on Cart can be set
  • Maximum Discount for Reward Points Gateway
  • Hide Apply Coupon Form in Cart Page
  • Shortcodes Supported
  • Import/Export Users and Reward Points in CSV
  • Restrict/Ban Users from Earning and Redeeming Points by User Role/Individual Members
  • Referral Reward should be applied when Members are x Days Old
  • Username or User Id as Referral Key
  • SMS Notification using Twilio or Nexmo
  • API support for Developers
  • Extensive Customization Options
  • Translation Ready
  • WPML, WPML String Translation and WooCommerce Multilingual Compatible – Please note you need all these 3 Plugins for Multi Language Mails to work
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Booking Plugin Version 1.4.2
  • Compatible with Dynamic Pricing Plugin
  • and more

Compatible With

SUMO Reward Points is Compatible with

1. SUMO Subscriptions – WooCommerce Subscription System

2. SUMO Memberships – WooCommerce Membership System

3. SUMO Donations – WooCommerce Donation System

4. SUMO Dynamic Pricing Discounts – WooCommerce Discount System

5. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

6. SUMO WooCommerce Payment Plans and Deposits

7. SUMO WooCommerce Bookings

What Users Say?

How to Install SUMO Reward Points?

1. Download the file ( of SUMO Reward Points from Codecanyon.
2. Unzip inside which you will find the Plugins files i.e.
3. Install SUMO Reward Points i.e. using WordPress Dashboard.
4. Activate the Plugin.

How to Upgrade to a newer version of SUMO Reward Points?

Please always test the new version in a testing site before you upgrade to the new version in your live site.

If you are using an older version and want to upgrade to the latest version of SUMO Reward Points then please do the following steps.

1. Deactivate and Delete the existing version of SUMO Reward Points in your site.
2. Download the latest version file ( of SUMO Reward Points from Codecanyon.
3. Unzip inside which you will find the Plugins files i.e.
4. Install the latest version of SUMO Reward Points i.e. using WordPress Dashboard.
5. Activate the Plugin.

Please note you will not lose any settings values, data etc by following the above steps.

Before Upgrading to v10.0 from Older Versions(8.x and lower)

Please note the code is completely revamped in v10.0 for supporting Points with Expiry. Please make sure you test it in local server/dummy site before upgrading to v10.0 from Older Versions(8.x and lower) in your live site.


Please check the documentation as we have lots of information there. The documentation file can be found inside the documentation folder which you will find when you unzip the downloaded zip file.

For support, feature request or any help, please register and open a support ticket on our site.


Version 20.6 on 03 July 2018
New: Compatible with SUMO Waitlist Plugin
New: Added shortcode for current level redeeming [rs_my_current_redeem_level_name]
New: Option added to send a test email
New: Option added to access the Cashback Form based on Users/User Roles
New: Option added to send an email notification to users while manually adding points
New: Option added to display the number of entries in rank based reward points table[Total Earned Points/Available Points]
New: Enable/Disable option added in the following Modules
- Social Reward Points Module (Social Reward Points Settings For Post/Page)
- Action Reward Points Module(Product Review Reward Points Settings, Daily Login Reward Points Settings, WooCommerce Coupon Usage Reward Points)
- Referral System Module (Referrer Label Settings, Refer a Friend form settings)
- Payment Gateway Module(SUMO Reward Points Payment Gateway Visibility Settings)
- Points Price Module(Global Settings)
- Gift Voucher Module(Voucher Code Settings)
- Cashback Module (Cashback Settings)
Fix: Issue in Button type Redeeming(i.e, unable to apply the points after removing it in cart/checkout page)
Fix: Points are not redeemed while using the enter button in cart page.
Fix: The text "Reward for" is not customizable
Fix: Reward Points Earning Percentage not calculated according to the settings configured in Earned Points Settings
Fix: Earning Member Level shortcode([rs_next_earning_level_points],  [rs_my_current_earning_level_name] and [rs_rank_based_total_earned_points] not works properly
Fix: Redeeming Field is displaying above the cart table when the applied points are removed[Conflict with Minimum Cart Total to Redeem Point(s) option]
Fix: The text "SUMO Reward Points Payment Gateway" is not translatable(In WooCommerce Payments settings)
Fix: Points are not awarded correctly based on the User Role Settings[Conflict with Calculate Reward Points after Discounts(WooCommerce Coupons / Points Redeeming) option]
Fix: Remove link in Manual Referral Link Settings not working
Fix: Product Review Points is displayed on frontend when the Action Module is turned off
Fix: Error Message[Undefined Variable] displayed on Referral Reward Table[Referral Module] while searching user
Fix: Exclude user option not works properly in Add/Remove Reward Points
Fix: Local Email Sender option does not work in Email and Email Expire Module
Fix: Email notification not being sent in Email Expire Module
Fix: Points not awarded for Product Review[When "Unapprove" option is selected]

Version 20.5 on 16 June 2018
Tweak: Improvement in Point URL Success Message[i.e. Message will be fade out] 
Fix: XML file updated for All Modules 
Fix: Unwanted slashes displayed on Refer a Friend Form 
Fix: Error Message[Non-numeric Value] on My Account Page[Compatibility with PHP 7.0] 
Fix: Gift Voucher Table is not generated in Gift Voucher Module 
Fix: Quantity cannot be updated for Free Product 
Fix: Only one Free Product is awarded to users if more than one product is configured in the settings 
Fix: Issue in restricting Maximum Cart Total to redeem points option[i.e. applied points is not removing when the cart total becomes below the value configured in the settings] 
Fix: PHP Warning Message on Frontend 
Fix: Error message is not displayed in cart when invalid WooCommerce Coupon is used 
Fix: Unwanted Data displaying in the console is removed on a checkout page 
Fix: 'Unsubscribe Here to stop Receiving Reward Points Emails' text is not being translated using PO file 
Fix: Space between Points and Label in Pixel[Only Point Price] is not working on Cart

Version 20.4 on 27 May 2018
New: GDPR compliance related WordPress compatibility for Data Access, Data Erasure and Privacy Update
New: Added an option to make the space between Points and Label for Point Price Product
New: Added an option of order status settings for Reward Points Earning Percentage based on Purchase History
Fix: Free product in Member Level Settings is not working based on before/after reaching specified points
Fix: Product purchase points are not awarding to users when the User Role is selected as Administrator in Reward Points Restriction Settings
Fix: Error message[Undefined Variable] displayed on the product page for Guest Users and Users who don’t have Membership Plan

Version 20.3 on 12 May 2018
New: Added an option to display the Point Price based on All Users/Logged in Users
New: Added POT Translation File
Tweak: XML file updated for SUMO Reward Points Payment Gateway Settings
Fix: Currency symbol is not displaying in Booking Product[Configured as Currency and Point Pricing Product]
Fix: Warning Message displayed in My Reward Table on Account Page when points used in the order[Conflicts with Restrict Product Purchase Reward Points when Reward Points is Redeemed]
Fix: Warning Message displayed when nominee option is enabled on the checkout page
Fix: Blank CSV file generated when exported using Report Module
Fix: Incorrect points are awarded for using Payment Gateways when option configured based on Cart Subtotal
Fix: Exclude Category option in Product Purchase Module is not working properly
Fix: Incorrect points are awarded based on Member Level[Product Review, Product Purchase, Referral Account Sign up]
Fix: Error message(Parse error) displaying on the site[Conflict with WooCommerce PDF Invoices Packing Slips Plugin]

Version 20.2 on 19 April 2018
New: Compatibility with SUMO Bookings[Point Pricing feature]
Tweak: XML file updated for Messages Tab
Fix: Undefined index 'line_subtotal' notice message is displayed in cart page
Fix: Error message displayed on a single product page for only Point Price Product[Conflict with WC above v3.0]
Fix: Earn Points Message displayed in thank you page for the guest users
Fix: Points are being earned even if the option is set to Restrict Product Purchase Reward Points when Reward Points is Redeemed
Fix: Warning Message[A non-numeric value] on Edit Order Page and My Account Page
Fix: Redeeming level based on earning points percentage is not working properly
Fix: The earn point message for bookable products displays even if the product purchase modules is turned off
Fix: The currency symbol is not displayed for the bookable product[Conflict with Currency and Point Pricing Product]
Fix: Data type for Total Earned Points and Total Redeemed Points changed from integer to float[Conflict with Round Off Settings]
Fix: FB share points awarding issue

Version 20.1 on 01 April 2018
New: Option added to display the earn points message for related products[Simple and Variable Product Type]
New: Option added to customize the message in Refer a Friend Form[Editable/Non-editable]
New: Troubleshoot option[Select2 Library v3.5.3] given for user selection in Send Points Form[Conflict with Hudson Theme]
Tweak: Translation File and XML File updated for Product Purchase Module
Tweak: Added the shortcodes [rs_your_friend_name], [rs_user_name] to display the Referrer and Referred person name in Refer a Friend Form
Fix: Experimental option[Add Old Available Points to Users] issue
Fix: Points are not subtracted from the User Reward Log when the points used to buy the Subscription Product using SUMO Reward Points Payments Gateway[Conflict with SUMO Subscriptions]
Fix: Available points is displaying after redeeming message even if it is set to display before redeeming message
Fix: Custom CSS used on My Account  Page is not properly loaded
Fix: Incorrect Currency and Point Price value displaying when the inclusive tax option is chosen

Version 20.0 on 14 March 2018
New: Compatible with SUMO Bookings[Product Purchase Reward Points for Bookable Product]
New: Added Expand all/Collapse all button
New: Added the decimal separator option to display the points based on WooCommerce Settings
New: Added an option to save the Users Payment Details in Cashback form
New: Option added to send an email notification to admin based on threshold value[User points below the threshold value configured]
Fix: Redeeming Restriction[Product Total based Categories] option is not working properly
Fix: Short-code[rs_generate_static_referral] is not working in custom page
Fix: Warning Message[non-numeric value] on the product page and checkout page
Fix: Incorrect Expiry Date displaying on My Rewards Log while manually adding the points
Fix: The expiry date is displaying as Random Value when modified the date in exported file and import it
Fix: Errors monitored in error log[A non-well formed numeric value, Call to a member function is_type() on boolean]
Fix: Incorrect redeemed points displayed on the checkout page
Fix: Points equivalent value is not properly calculated based on the Redeeming Conversion Settings[Conflict with SUMO Memberships plugin]
Fix: Email sends with 0 points to users when the sale price product has been purchased[Option to prevent product purchase points that have Sale Price is enabled]
Fix: Price is displaying as 0 for Only Point Price Product[Variable Product Type] in Custom Page and Category Page
Fix: Coupon hasn’t removed in WooCommerce Coupon section when the product is removed from Cart where points have been applied
Fix: My Rewards name on Reward Table is not customizable
Fix: Product Purchase Points is not awarding when points used in the order[Conflicts with Restrict Product Purchase Reward Points when WooCommerce Coupon is applied option]
Fix: Fatal Error[Call to Undefined Method] on Cart Page when points have been redeemed[Conflicts with WooCommerce 2.x]
Fix: Show/Hide option for Product Review is not working
Fix: Warning Message in Thank you page

Version 19.9 on 03 February 2018
New: Added an option to customize the Select User(s) to Send Points placeholder on Send Points Form
New: Added an option to customize the URL Name of Reward Content on My Account Page
New: Added an option to display the Earning and Redeeming Points in a single column on Rewards Table[My Account Page]
Fix: Fatal error[Call to Undefined Method] on Reward Content menu[My Account Page]
Fix: Incorrect points being displayed on the email notification for action reward points[Conflict with Round off settings]
Fix: Unwanted symbol is displaying on Cart page
Fix: Reward Points for Product Purchase is not awarding when the order status is manually changed by the admin
Fix: The message “Since you have redeemed the points, you cannot earn points” is displaying after the removing the points applied to cart
Fix: Empty div is displaying on Cart page when Restrict Product Purchase Reward Points when points redeemed option is enabled

Version 19.8 on 25 January 2018
New: Added Show/Hide options for the settings displaying on Rewards Log[My Account Page]
Tweak: Shortcode{productname} can be used to display on the rewards log in Account Page[Product purchase and referral product purchase log]
Fix: Earn Points calculation on Cart Page
Fix: Points that can be earned message is not displaying on the Cart page for Mobile devices
Fix: Unable to add the feature image for Product[Conflict with WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout plugin]
Fix: My Account is not accessible while our plugin is in active[Conflict with the Salient Visual Composer plugin]
Fix: Total Points text displaying on the My Account Page is not customizable
Fix: Not able to use multiple Coupons when the Redeeming field/WooCommerce Coupon field option is set as Display Both[Redeeming Restriction]
Fix: Exclude Products option is not working on Product Purchase Module
Fix: Earn points message is not displaying for Variable Products on Product Page while selecting the variation
Fix: Notice message[Undefined variable: getregularprice] on error log
Fix: Warning message on Cart page
Fix: Error on Console log 'Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier'
Fix: Issue on sending email to action reward points[Product review content will be sent to the actions like Account Sign up, Blog Post etc]
Fix: Time calculation issue on Rewards Log[My Account Page] while manually adding the points

Version 19.7 on 16 January 2018
New: Compatible with SUMO Subscriptions[Points will be automatically deducted from the account during automatic subscription renewal while creating the manual order using SUMO Reward Points gateway]
New: Added class name for Buying Reward Points Message[Used to customize the message using Custom CSS]
New: Added class name for Reward Points settings which are displaying on My Account Page[Used to customize the Title name of the settings using Custom CSS]
New: Added po file for the German Language
Tweak: Rearranged the Reward Content menu settings and provided an option to customize the Reward Content text
Fix: Default Redeeming type issue on Mac, iOS with Safari browser
Fix: Points expire time is not properly set while manually providing the time and importing through CSV file

Version 19.6 on 21 December 2017
Tweak: Added an option while submitting the cashback form, the user should be on the same page/redirect to some other page
Fix: Price is not displaying for Variable Product in related product section on Custom Page due to conflict with the earn points message for variable product in Single Product Page option
Fix: Unable to place the order at during checkout[Conflict with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin]
Fix: Points are not awarded for Social actions on post
Fix: Price is displaying on Point Price Product[Variable Product - Only Point Price Type] instead of points
Fix: Point Price value differs for Guests[Currency and Point Pricing type – Based on Conversion]
Fix: Checkout page becomes blank when points were redeemed automatically[Auto Redeeming Settings Configured]

Version 19.5 on 07 December 2017
New: Added My Rewards Menu [displays the settings which are presented on My Account Page] to My Account Page
Tweak: Separate options for My Account Page settings and Shortcodes
Fix: Button type redeeming message is not reflecting on checkout page
Fix: Warning[Non-numeric value] Message on My Account Page
Fix: Incorrect points being revised from the account when order has been cancelled[Point redeemed in the order with the tax setup]
Fix: Points equivalent value [rs_user_total_points_in_value] short-code is displaying at the top even if it is not placed at top
Fix: "Coupon applied successfully" message is displaying at checkout while redeeming the points[Button type]
Fix: Points are not getting updated when quantity of the product has been increased[Conflict with buying reward points]
Fix: Referral Registration points are not awarded to Referrer when after first purchase of referred person option is enabled[Order status changed from edit order page]
Fix: Button type redeeming is displaying twice on checkout when applied points has removed[Conflict with Store Front Theme]
Fix: Button type redeeming points issue on Safari browser

Version 19.4 on 20 November 2017
New: Option added to SHOW/HIDE the message [Auto redeeming is not applicable for your cart]
Fix: Compatibility issue with SUMO Subscriptions plugin[Mixed checkout] when SUMO Reward Points[Point Pricing Module] is activated
Fix: Issue in redeeming restriction[selected category for redeeming]
Fix: WooCommerce Coupon field is not displaying on cart when auto redeeming is applied[Restriction type – Hide Redeem field]
Fix: Auto Redeeming is not working on checkout
Fix: User log and User reward points log is not resetting
Fix: Log is not recorded in the Referral table when  Maximum Threshold for Accumulating Reward Points is enabled
Fix: Earn Points message is displaying twice in the product page[Conflict with Uberstore theme]

Version 19.3 on 09 November 2017
Fix: Points redeemed in the order is not deducting from the account
Fix: Page comment message, Blog post creation and Comment messages are displaying if the option is set to hide
Fix: Message included in the Redeeming Points Module is displaying when the module is not activated
Fix: While applying WooCommerce Coupon, reward points are also applied in cart
Fix: Compatibility improvements with SUMO Subscriptions

Version 19.2 on 04 November 2017
New: Email Notifications for actions such as Account Sign up, Product Review, Blog Post Creation, etc
New: Email Notification reminder to users for expiration of points
Fix: Social icons being displayed on Product Page even if disable the option on Product Level
Fix: Available Points notification will display on cart and checkout page when the applied points are removed[Auto Apply Redeeming option enabled]
Fix: Warning Messages in the Error Log when using WooCommerce PDF Invoice & Packaging Slips Pro
Fix: Undefined variable error on cart and checkout page while banned users try to purchase the product
Fix: Homepage/Checkout Page/Post is sent to trash when points redeemed and completes the order
Fix: Points is not assigning to products using Quick Setup option[Product Purchase Module]
Fix: Referred Person getting referral points when Maximum threshold for accumulating reward points option is enabled
Fix: Shortcodes[redeempoints], [redeemeduserpoints] issue
Fix: Earn points message is not displaying on Product Page

Version 19.1 on 24 October 2017
New: Option included to generate random string as a part of coupon code
Tweak: Option included in Reward Points Payment Gateway module “when points used in the order should be revised back to the account”[Compatible with YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Premium plugin]
Tweak: Modified the earning points default message displayed in Thank you page
Tweak: Option provided to hide available reward points message in cart and checkout page when points used in any one of the pages
Fix: WooCommerce Currency Position Settings conflict
Fix: Email is not sent to users when cron job settings has been configured[Meta updated]
Fix: Settings saving issue in Message Tab
Fix: Message to display for Account Sign up and Daily Login is being displayed in My Account Page even if the option is set to Hide
Fix: Redeeming restriction is not working after invalid coupon is applied
Fix: Points has to be revised from Referrer’s account instead of revising from Referred Person account when the order has been cancelled/refunded

Version 19.0 on 09 October 2017
New: Points to earn message will be displayed for Page Comment, Blog Post Creation and Blog Post Comment
Fix: Daily Login Points Message is displayed even when the Action Reward Points module is not activated
Fix: Points hasn't awarded when shared the product using Google +1
Fix: Email notification is not sending to users when Cron job option is configured[Send Email: Only Once]
Fix: Points are not resetting for all Users
Fix: jQuery conflict in frontend due to SSL
Fix: Points to earn message is displaying in Product/Cart/Checkout page even if the restrict reward points for sale price option is enabled
Fix: Actions points messages specified in the shortcode[rs_list_enable_options] are displaying when modules are not activated
Fix: Default message for buying reward points in product page is displayed as 0
Fix: Points has to be revised from Referrer’s account instead of revising from Referred Person account when the order has been cancelled/refunded

Version 18.9 on 04 October 2017
Fix: Error while sharing the referral link in FB
Fix: Error while updating product in the backend
Tweak: Social icons[FB share, G+ share and Twitter] to display anywhere using the shortcode[rs_generate_static_referral]
Tweak: UI Improvements

Version 18.8 on 26 September 2017
New: Added Shortcode to display information about the reward points provided in the site
New: Displayed messages for Referral Product Purchase, Signup, Login, Product Review, Blog Post Comment, Blog Post Creation, Page Comment, Product Creation and Social Promotion
Fix: When the email module is disabled, the subscribe link is displayed
Fix: Error Class not found
Fix: When the redeem link is set to hide in checkout page after removing the redeeming points the redeeming field is not displayed
Fix: Restriction for earning points is applied even when Product Purchase Module is disabled
Fix: Total Points shown in User Reward Point - Edit Total Points issue
Fix: Coupon does not exit is displayed
Tweak: Added an show/hide option for subscribe link shortcode

Version 18.7 on 18 September 2017
New: Compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles Premium
Tweak: Added space between total reward points and equivalent dollar which is displayed in My Account Page
Fix: In the redeeming restriction when we select the hide redeem option, the redeeming field is displayed when cart is updated
Fix: Invalid coupon Fatal error bug fix
Fix: Undefined variable error
Fix: Event in Master log does not show any event
Fix: Referral points are not awarded when the points entered in advanced mode globally
Fix: A non-numeric value encountered error
Fix: Custom CSS is given for unsubscribe option in My Account Page
Fix: Tipsy is not a function jQuery error

Version 18.6 on 11 September 2017
New: Option added to display the available reward points before/after the redeemed points message in Cart and Checkout page
New: Option added to award free product automatically
New: Option added to move the user to next earning level in Member Level once they reached the specified points
New: Option added to display [Earn xx Reward Points] message in Custom Page
Fix: Hiding the message[Complete the purchase and earn xx points] in Cart and Checkout page when the product doesn’t contain points
Fix: Points equivalent value is not displaying in the redeemed points message
Fix: Redeeming problem when SUMO Membership plugin is active and Member Level for SUMO Membership is enabled

Version 18.5 on 04 September 2017
New: Added the class for messages displaying in cart and checkout page
Fix: Checkout page becomes different with the color added when SUMO Reward Points plugin is active
Fix: Image doesn’t show up on Facebook when sharing the referral link
Fix: Points equivalent value is displaying as 0 for guests in Product Page
Fix: Applied points is not removing from cart when those points were expired
Fix: Warning Message on Shop Page
Fix: PHP Warning Message (Non-numeric error)
Fix: PHP Warning Message (array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array) related to WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips compatibility
Fix: PHP Warning Message on product page
Fix: Calculation of points displaying in one of the messages is incorrect

Version 18.4 on 25 August 2017
New: Enhanced Gift Voucher Feature
New: Reward Points for Group Creation, Post Creation and Post Comment on BuddyPress
Fix: Incorrect points being displayed in one of the messages
Fix: Shortcode[totalrewardvalue] issue
Fix: Social Icons are displaying in product page when the Social Reward Points Module is not activated
Fix: User Reward Points message being duplicated when removing the product from cart
Fix: Non-numeric type error(PHP 7.1 compatibility)
Fix: jQuery conflict with WooCommerce Orders & Customer Exporter Plugin
Fix: Undefined variable errors

Version 18.3 on 15 August 2017
New: Option added to display the buying reward points message at Shop, Product, Cart and Checkout Page
New: SUMO Memberships additional compatibility
New: Social Promotion for Post and Page
Fix: Warning Message at cart for guest
Fix: Buying reward points is not awarded
Fix: Warning Messages[array_map():, Invalid argument supplied for foreach()] on Cart and Checkout page
Fix: When purchasing the product using SUMO Reward Points payment gateway, zero points is displaying in order page
Fix: In checkout page the points to be earned is displayed for guest
Fix: In cart page, the total amount is not displayed for guest

Version 18.2 on 08 August 2017
New: Added an option to Show/Hide the Earning and Redeeming Points message in WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packaging slips plugin
New: Added an option to Show/Hide the My Rewards Table using as shortcode
New: Added an option to Show/Hide the S.No column in My Reward Table
New: Added an option to customize message for Cart, Checkout and Thank you Page
Fix: Apply the points [Button type] on IOS 9 and 10 issue
Fix: Internal 500 server error when exporting points from Master log
Fix: The log displaying in particular user rewards are not in proper order when time format is selected as WordPress format in general settings
Fix: Reward for column displayed empty in the User log
Fix: Position of Unsubscribe Email checkbox is not displaying properly when using as shortcode[rs_unsubscribe_mail]
Fix: Custom page becomes blank
Fix: Undefined Index Error in Shop, Cart and Checkout Page
Fix: Division by zero error in Order detail page in Checkout
Fix: Social icons are not displaying in the product page using quick setup
Tweak: Code Improvements

Version 18.1 on 01 August 2017
New: Added an option to provide Member Level for Earn Points based on User Purchase History
New: Added an option to provide Member Level for Redeem Points
New: Added an Roundup/Rounddown  option to round the points value displayed in all pages
New: Added an option to choose position for Cart and Checkout page messages
New: Added an Shorcode [my_userpoints_value] to display equivalent price for Available Points
Tweak: Added an Shortcode {currentorderid} in the Revised redeemed log
Tweak: Code Improvements
Tweak: Added an Show/hide option for Equivalent Points value displayed in Cart, Checkout and Thank you page
Fix: Cashback table not shown in My Account page
Fix: "Undo" message is not displayed when the product has been removed from the Cart
Fix: Strings[Total redeemed points and Total expired points] not translated.
Fix: Redeem button for Button type not working
Fix: Fb share does not work in Single Product Page
Fix: SUMO Reward Payment Gateway is displayed for other products even if specific product is selected
Fix: Multiple Email send while activating the plugin
Fix: Multiple color palettes displayed in WooCommerce setting

Version 18.0 on 17 July 2017
New: New UI
New: Quick Setup/Advanced Setup Option

Version 17.9 on 11 July 2017
Fix: Referred Person name should display on Referral Registration Points log
Fix: Earn Points Message is displaying for Variable Products[Sale Price] on both the product and shop page when option to prevent earning of points on products that have “sale price" is enabled
Fix: Email cron time is not properly set
Fix: Points display problem for guests when shortcode is used
Fix: User login problem
Fix: Incorrect Points being earned when the coupon is used in an order
Fix: Error message displaying on product page[variable products]
Fix: Table creation problem
Tweak: Displaying currency symbol next to points on the message[Points that can be earned]

Version 17.8 on 03 July 2017
Fix: Hiding the short-code[rs_my_reward_points] on menu for Guests 
Fix: Settings saving issue on Email template 
Fix: Disable the Facebook js loading for optimization 
Fix: Member Level add or remove problem 
Fix: Referrer gets the Getting Referred Points 
Fix: Points not awarding for product purchase using other payment gateway plugin

Version 17.7 on 19 June 2017
Fix: Points deducted are not added back to the User's Account when Bulk delete option is used
Fix: User is able to submit cashback request more than the actual points available
Fix: Cashback requests Mass Payment CSV file includes the Paid requests as well
Fix: Error message displaying in Send Points form is not correct when points are not entered
Fix: Reject button need to disable in the corresponding row when Send Points request is rejected by the Admin
Fix: Performing a bulk update should not award Points to the user
Fix: Reports Module functionality issue
Fix: Internal Server Error upon placing order using Reward Points Payment Gateway
Fix: Expiry date is not displayed properly in the CSV file exported
Fix: Expiry date column becomes empty in the preview column when exported CSV file is imported
Fix:  Selected Date option in Import/Export Points in CSV is not working
Fix:  Referred Person name to display in log when Referrer earns Referral Registration Points
Fix: Display referred person name instead of referrer name in log when referral product purchase points is awarded
Fix: Incorrect message is displaying in cart when minimum and maximum cart total for earn points option is configured
Fix: Incorrect Getting Referred Points awarding when assigning through categories and global settings
Fix: Product Purchase and Referral Purchase Points are assigning to the products through category when the option is set to disable
Fix: If prorate price is 0 in Cart, whenever the product quantity is updated, the incorrect subtotal is displayed
Fix: Error message displayed in checkout instead of showing SUMO Reward Points gateway
Fix: Icons displaying in category page when the point is not assigned to the products
Fix: Points are not updating properly to variable products when using bulk update option
Fix: Screen gets fade away when Customers fill out the checkout page
Fix: Shipping and Tax will be calculated for only point price product
Fix: Points earned is displaying in Master log tab if that user/user role is banned
Fix: Added id in XML File[rs_point_to_reach_next_level]
Fix: Unable to add Featured Products Images
Fix: Referral Registration points is awarding to referred person
Fix: Facebook js is loading even if the option is set to hide
Tweak: Order id need to display in log when points redeemed in an order and Product purchased using SUMO Reward Points Gateway
Tweak: General Improvements

Version 17.6 on 30 May 2017
Fix: Warning message when using Remove Points button 
Fix: Product is removed from the cart if the Product associated with category is not selected in the option "Product Purchase Using SUMO Reward Points Payment Gateway for Selected Category" 
Fix: Warning message in points expiry 
Fix: Points not assigning to the categories 
Fix: Plugin activation automatically changes my color codes from theme options 
Fix: Unwanted padding between the name of the product and the price for variable products 
Fix: Resetting the data using selected user filter 
Fix: Selected Products not displayed after saving in SUMO Reward Points Gateway visibility settings

Version 17.5 on 19 May 2017
Fix: Error in product page for variable product and internal server error in checkout
Fix: Message to display earn points in shop page for variable product is not displaying
Fix: Earn Points message is not displaying for variable product in single product page
Fix: Gift icon disappeared when selecting the variation in variable product
Fix: Not being able to use SUMO Reward Points after deleting the Database Tables
Fix: Earn points message is displaying twice when the option[Show/Hide Earn Point(s) Message for Variable Products] is set to enable

Version 17.4 on 10 May 2017
Fix : Error in User Reward Points log when Importing the file[Exported in Reports in CSV tab] in Import/Export Points in CSV tab
Fix : Messages in cart displaying twice when the applied redeem points is removed from cart
Fix : Internal server error occur when placing order in checkout
Fix : Undefined illegal offset string in Cart and Fatal error in checkout in PHP V7.0
Fix : Double the points is being generated in CSV file when try to export the file for selected date in Reports in CSV tab
Fix: Total Redeemed Points is not getting cleared when try to reset the overall data
Fix: Non-static function called statically upon plugin activation
Fix: Coupon Object compatibility for WC3.0
Fix: Coupon code created twice when points are redeemed
Fix: Non-Numeric value encountered

Version 17.3 on 03 May 2017
New: Displaying Title, description and image for Facebook Share
New: Improved Gift Voucher feature
Fix: Generate Referral Link button problem
Fix: "Warning: Illegal string offset 'orderid'
Fix: Notice: Trying to get property of non-object error when WooCommerce Coupon is used
Fix: Warning messages in error log
Fix: Points not calculating based on quantity
Fix: Points display issue in downloaded CSV files when specific date is selected
Fix: Complete message is displaying twice when updating the cart

Version 17.2 on 25 April 2017
New: Shortcodes tab with all shortcode details
New: General Improvements
Fix: Fatal error in Master log Tab and My Reward Table in My Account page
Fix: Round off type issue
Fix: Selected Products are not saved in Cart Tab
Fix: User selection does not list the user in Reset Tab
Fix: p tag appended with script which causes a jQuery Conflict
Fix: Earn Point message is always displaying for variable product even if does not have any reward points
Fix: Product title in “Purchase [titleofproduct] and Earn x Reward Points” is not displayed for Variable product
Fix: Responsiveness of Welcome Page
Fix: Displaying negative points in Order edit page when purchased the product contains buying reward points
Fix: Error message "Trying to get property of non-object" displayed when WooCommerce Coupon is used
Fix: Error Message "Warning: Illegal string offset" displayed in My Account Page

Version 17.1 on 19 April 2017
New: Welcome Page 
New: UI Improvements
Fix: Remove points manually issue
Fix: Error displaying in My Account Page after deleting the order
Fix: Error in admin area
Fix: Coupon applying issue
Fix: Error in Master Log tab after deleting the order
Fix: Error Message displaying in cart when using the WooCommerce Coupon is applied
Fix: Undefined Variable in Cart Page
Fix: Social Reward Points issue when points is assigned from global level

Version 17.0 on 11 April 2017
New: WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility
New: Social Reward Points for Share
New: Separate Expiry date can be set for Points added through Add/Remove Points Tab
New: Show/hide Redeeming Success Notice
New: Reward Points is removed Messaged can be customized
New: Referral Product Purchase Points for Renewal Orders of SUMO Subscription can be awarded based on Admin Option
Fix: Coupon field is visible in checkout page when the Coupon field is set to Hide in SUMO Reward Points Settings and vice versa
Fix: "Complete the purchase and earn x Points" notice not displayed in checkout page after Points has been Redeemed in Cart
Fix: Free Product(s) not added to cart based on Total Earned Points
Fix: Custom CSS not working in Shop Page and Single Product Page Tabs
Fix: SUMO Reward Points Payment Gateway is visible when the option is set to hide(Only for Bookable Products)
Fix: Fatal error in Cart Page for Simple Product
Fix: Missing Argument Warning Fixed
Fix: Fatal error call to undefined function WC_Product_Deposit::get_variation_attributes()
Fix: Unwanted Wrapper before Product Image removed(Causes issue with Mini Cart in Some Themes)
Fix: Global Expiry Date not displayed on Logs
Fix: Referrer displayed wrongly for Referral Product Purchase Log
Fix: Trying to property of Non Object Warning Fixed
Fix: Point Price settings in Product level should be hidden when Global Settings is Disabled
Fix: Product review Points not awarded when Product review is displayed in a Custom Form

Version 16.9 on 28 March 2017
New: Option to revoke referral reward points when referral is deleted
New: Points can be sent to any member through Send Points Form
New: Referral system can be restricted to Specific User or User role
New: Reward Points for Product purchase can be restricted for SUMO Reward Points Payment Gateway
Tweak: Reset Option is optimized for All User option
Tweak: Added two columns (i.e) Total Redeemed Points and Total Expired Points in User Reward Points tab
Fix: Redeeming field displayed twice in Checkout in Flatsome theme
Fix: Syntax missing jQuery error in front end
Fix: Price range not displayed in Shop Page for Variable product when Point Pricing is enabled
Fix: Undefined offset error in Single Product Page for Simple Product
Fix: Show/Hide for Earn Point message in Single Product Page for Variable Product is not working properly
Fix: Incorrect currency value for current points is displayed through shortcode 
Fix: Undefined variable error in Admin side when referral user is deleted
Fix: Fatal error occur when referral user is deleted
Fix: Show/Hide not working properly for Point Pricing in General Tab

Version 16.8 on 20 March 2017
New: Option to not award Reward Points for Products on sale
New: Option to give percentage based points for Payment Gateway
New: Added Reset All Button to the settings
New: Pagination option added for tabs using WP List Tables through Screen options
Tweak: Entries will be displayed in Referral Reward Table only when the User has referred some other Person
Tweak: Code Improvements
Tweak: Getting Referred Log recorded for revision
Tweak: Clicking the Reset Button will reset only the current Tab
Fix: Earned points is not revised when the order is canceled
Fix: Points being redeemed twice in an order when using reward points gateway
Fix: Redeeming field is displaying above the cart table when the points applied are removed
Fix: Earn Points message different in Product page and Checkout[due to tax]
Fix: Earn Points Percentage based on Total Earned points in Member level is calculating incorrectly
Fix: Auto Redeem is not working in checkout
Fix: Points not removed when trying to remove all the points using remove points button in User Reward Tab
Fix: Total redeem points shortcode
Fix: Display both option is not working in Show/Hide Redeeming/Coupon drop down menu
Fix: Google+ Button problem
Fix: Incorrect Referral Count displayed in Referral Rewards table
Fix: Referral Registration Points awarded twice
Fix: Getting Referred Points awarded to Referrer
Fix: Category level points not earned for product when product associated with multiple categories
Fix: Negative Redeemed points displayed in Order Details Page Metabox
Fix: Plugin Settings disappeared with PHP 7.1

Version 16.7 on 02 March 2017
New: Option to perform Auto Redeeming in Checkout when not applied in Cart
New: Shortcode added to display product name in My Account Page Reward Points Log
New: Option added to Display Reward Points position before or after in My Account Page
New: Italian language files added
New: Troubleshoot option to enqueue jQuery UI Library in SUMO Reward Points
New: Code Improvements
Fix: Messages from Reward Points is displayed twice in cart page when product is removed
Fix: Default Redeeming field not displayed when Redeemed Points is removed from Cart
Fix: Points which can be earned is not displayed properly when Points based on Discounted Price is enabled
Fix: Reset Tab not working for Selected Users
Fix: Error on Coupon Reward Points Tab
Fix: Validation not to send more points than available points
Fix: Points being awarded when option is set to not award points when Points Redeemed or Coupon Applied
Fix: Unwanted Points revision on Order Status change when "Don't award Points when Coupon / Redeem Points "is enabled

Version 16.6 on 14 February 2017
New: Option to select the number of items to be displayed per page through Screen options in List table of User Reward Points tab, Master Log tab and Referral Reward Table tab
New: Option to hide redeem field when discount applied by SUMO Discounts & Advanced Pricing Plugin
Tweak: Label change for Coupon Removed notice when Redeemed Points are removed
Fix: Points being awarded only to one Product in Order when multiple Products has been purchased
Tweak: Local time displayed in Reward Log Table when WordPress Format type is used along with the Time Zone
Fix: Earn Points Message disappears from Cart when Redeemed points is removed
Fix: Variable Product settings always displayed as Enabled issue
Fix: Email Sent for Unsubscribed Users
Fix: User being able to earn points after the usage Limit for Point URL exceed
Fix: Member Level Shortcodes not displaying the correct Level names
Fix: Removed the Cancel option when status becomes Paid in Send Points Form
Fix: Reward Log being recorded when points when 0 Points is awarded through Getting Referred

Version 16.5 on 07 February 2017
Fix: Shortcodes problem for Guests
Fix: Invalid argument problem in All Pages
Fix: Frontend sliders jQuery Conflict
Fix: Parameter issue (Audio file added in the mail)

Version 16.4 on 02 February 2017
New: Option to set Point Price for Lottery Products
New: Added Email Id column in Referral Rewards Table
New: Referral reward Points should not be awarded if the link is used by already registered users
New: Point Price display based on the customization Settings in the Cart Table
Fix: Footable undefined error in Shop Page
Fix: Multiple Products from the Selected categories not being able to purchase in same order
Fix: Redeeming Conversion calculation problem for newly registered users

Version 16.3 on 17 January 2017
New: Table to display the Buyer and Nominee with option to unlink nominee
Tweak: Option to customize Facebook Share button label
Tweak: Added Short code [rs_nominee_table]  to display nominee table
Fix: Points not awarded for Simple Product Purchase when it contains Variation ID
Fix: Single Product Page Layout breaking issue
Fix: Date displayed as unix time stamp in admin logs
Fix: jQuery is not defined
Fix: Points not earned for order when points are redeemed
Fix: Warning Messages fixed for Guests
Fix: Incorrect Points redeemed when using SUMO Reward Gateway
Fix: Earn Points message not update in checkout when enable the option "Enable Reward Points based on Discount Amount"and WooCommerce coupon is applied
Fix: Email not sent to selected users when emails is set to be sent based on Cron Job
Fix: Bulk Update is not updating issue(Ajax Problem)
Fix: Earn Points not displayed based on admin option

Version 16.2 on 08 January 2017
New: bbPress Reward Points for posting a post
New: Hide Redeem/Coupon field when the other one is applied
New: Option to prevent Earning/Redeeming when SUMO Coupons is applied
Tweak: Option for Member Level Based on Total Earned Points or Current Available Points
Fix: Negative Points awarding problem to referrer
Fix: Missing parameter in in_array
Fix: Earned date display problem in My Reward Table (My Account Page) for other site languages
Fix: Default value not set in Plugin Settings
Fix: Incorrect Points being Redeemed in Auto Redeemed mode
Fix: Incorrect Points sent in Email because of Log not getting recorded
Fix: Admin Dashboard debug error
Fix: Email ID from cash back form not being recorded in Submitted Requests

Version 16.1 on 19 December 2016
New: Option to force Guest to create account when Points associated Product is in cart
New: Added a new meta in order id to save the total points which was earned for the order
New: Action hooks added for Redeeming and Reward Points gateway usage
New: Added Placeholder for Gift Voucher Redeeming Field
Fix: Other Bug fixes and improvements

Version 16.0 on 23 November 2016
New: Option added to reduce points from account for manual orders placed through SUMO Reward Points Gateway
Fix: Points calculation problem for redeeming when tax is enabled
Fix: Security improvements
Fix: Not able to hide Referral Table from My Account Page
Fix: Warning message fixed during manual order creation
Fix: Points earned from manual order not reduced from account when order refunded
Fix: Incorrect points being earned when points based on discounted price is enabled, redeeming is made and points not awarded based on Member level
Fix: Checkout page nominee not working properly
Fix: Select2 library causing jquery conflicts
Fix: Fatal error on variable product page
Fix: Points incorrectly calculated for Total Earned Points in Member Level (i.e - Expired points not included in calculation)
Fix: Undefined index error in Referral Reward Table in My Account Page when user is deleted
Fix: Incorrect Expiry date displayed in My Account Page for Other Language Sites
Fix: Displaying decimal value in User Reward Points view log when whole number is selected
Tweak: Po Files Updated

Version 15.9 on 10 November 2016
Tweak: Code improvements to enhance the security

Version 15.8 on 01 November 2016
New: Advanced Settings Tab added
New: Show/Hide Reset button in tabs
New: PO files added for Korean Language
New: Added option to Show/Hide the Social Icons displayed in Referral Link Generation Tab
New: Added option to Show/Hide the Referral Reward Table in My Account Page
New: Added option to restrict the First Product Purchase Points when User Registering in the Site
Tweak: Redeem Field Caption Show/Hide added
Tweak: Hiding My Reward Tables for Banned User/User Roles
Tweak: Unnecessary Enqueue scripts removed in order to avoid jQuery Conflicts
Tweak: Updated PO Files
Fix: Default option not set for Point price position option
Fix: Mini Cart Price displayed as 0 when Point price is enabled, and when cart is empty

Version 15.7 on 25 October 2016
New: SUMO Reward Points Payment Gateway compatible with SUMO Subscriptions for automatic subscription renewal
New: Added an option displaying the position of Point Pricing label
New: Display Point Price and Earn Points message for Variable Product for identical variations
Tweak: Improvement in loading Reward Points scripts 
Tweak: Social Reward Points, Buying Reward Points and Point Price settings are moved to the Advanced tab
Fix: Incorrect Points being redeemed in Auto Apply Redeeming when available Points is less than cart subtotal
Fix: Incorrect points displayed for redeeming on Button type Redeeming
Fix: Point Price problem
Fix: Social Reward is not working(if we try to set the points and update, the option automatically becomes disable)
Fix: Social Reward Points, Buying Reward Points and Point Price values are not saving in Edit Product page
Fix: Undefined index error when we save empty value in Manual Referral Link Tab
Fix: Show or hide not working properly for Twitter Follow (Variable Product) in Edit Product Page

Version 15.6 on 18 October 2016
New: Show/Hide Reward Points Payment Gateway based on Products
New: Added shortcode for current and next member level in email
New: Added shortcode for Unsubscribing of email account in My Account Page
Tweak: Variable Product Social Promotion settings moved to Advanced Tab
Tweak: Variable Product Buying Reward Points moved to Advanced Tab
Fix: Error fix

Version 15.5 on 14 October 2016
Fix: Redeemed Points not updating when some products is removed from cart

Version 15.4 on 04 October 2016
New: Don't award Points when WooCommerce Coupon is used in Order
New: Reward Points for creating a Product
Tweak: Hide Reward Points message for guests in Shop and Single Product page

Version 15.3 on 28 September 2016
Fix: Product Stocks reduced twice if order is placed through SUMO Reward Points Gateway
Fix: Getting Referred for signup being awarded for normal signups
Fix: Unwanted log entry for getting referred Account signup and Product purchase

Version 15.2 on 27 September 2016
New: Reward Points for getting referred
Fix: Hiding Points earning message in cart when discount applied through coupon/points and points
       based on discounted price is enabled
Fix: Coupon Reward Points not working for limited use coupons
Fix: JS scripts loading on header/footer

Version 15.1 on 19 September 2016
Tweak: Troubleshoot option to overcome memory exhaust
Tweak: Point Price displaying for Booking Products
Fix: Color picker enqueue script conflict
Fix: Gateway Title and Description not displayed for SUMO Reward Points Gateway
Fix: Fatal error 'is_type' when plugin is activated on a site which has products displayed on custom pages
Fix: Errors when Member functionalities triggered for Guest purchases

Version 15.0 on 11 September 2016
New: Separate Short codes added for ranking the Users based on Current Points and Total Earned Points
New: Hiding Reward Points gateway in checkout page for selected products/categories
New: Users can be sorted based on their Total Earned Points in User Reward Points Tab
Fix: Problem in points being awarded for multiple quantity purchases when point type is set as Fixed Reward Points
Fix: Gift Icon Message not displayed on Single Product page and Shop Page
Fix: Decimal values not displaying in My Reward Table under Total Earned Points section


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