Superfood – Restaurants & Online Food Order System

Superfood has a proprietary Restaurant CMS (Content Management System) that enables restaurateurs to manage multiple brands and locations within one website. Our system is designed to enable non-tech personnel, such as restaurant owners, managers and chefs, to quickly and easily publish updates to menus, events, images and food on the fly. also our system support online ordering system. We offer custom website design and development to interface with the system as well as integration services for existing websites.


Demo Access

Demo Website:
Demo Admin Panel:
Admin User & Pass: admin


Frontend Key Features

Superfood Totaly Responsive & User Friendly CMS, Vistor can easily found all option and can browse with all kinds of device, Superfood have SEO Friendly URL & Easy to share Button with All Product. User able to check food current stock, multiple photo’s, able to comment’s / review, able to registrared and order food online

Admin Key Features

Superfood is totaly dynamic and responsive CMS, from admin panel A-Z are changable. admin can change logo, banner, can add category & sub-category, can set category image, manage invenntory & POS, admin can add product / food, can manage order, able to set payment system and more you need…

Reporting Features

Did you need an Responsive Website for your Restaurent or did you want to manage your online food order business? than Superfood is best Plarform for you. bcz there is no other CMS is dynamic and lite like Superfood. its realy awesome bcz of its secure backend platform, where you can manage awaiting order, awating payment, delivared order, able to check A-Z report, you able to maintain business ledger and more…

Support Fecility:

Please send us your product presale query, after sales developer support request, customization project and any other queries to our dedicated support:


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