Sydney: One Of The Most Beautiful Cities Under The Clouds

Sydney happens to be the most urbanized part of Australia. As it was noted to be the state capital of the New South Wales, it also is the largest and most inhabited city in Australia. It houses the Sydney opera house in the northeastern part, the Sydney town hall in the south, and the sky tower in the center. But we all know that Sydney is known as the home of fish and chips, the Ferries, Kylie Minogue, and that dentist from Nemo. Now, what to do when in Sydney? There’s a lot actually.

Let’s start with the sky tower. The sky tower is actually known in Australia as the AMP Tower or the AMP Centrepoint. Its construction started in the 70’s and completed in 1981. As a member of the World Federation of Great Towers, it is fitting and proper that they have allocated a viewing deck in order to see a bird’s eye view of the city among the clouds. Standing at 164 feet, the main observation deck houses 18 binoculars to get a 360 degree-view of Sydney. You’ll be able to see Sydney Harbour Bridge, Botany Bay, the Blue Mountains, and yes, include in the list the Pacific Ocean. Amazing, isn’t it?

Include an Oz-trek adventure to complete your adventurous spirit. The breathtaking view for the tower creates a relaxing aura amidst the laid-back country like Australia even in its busiest city. The Oz-trek adventure associated with your view at the tower is a virtual-reality ride across Australia where you’ll be welcomed with its history and culture. Experience Australia with surround sound in a 180-degree cinema screen and heart pounding real motion seating and you’ll live through 4D movies alternate reality. You’ll be able to appreciate more of Australia with this adventure. You’ll be able to go into a trance-inducing ride as you navigate the country virtually.

While you’re at the most sought-after tourist attraction in Sydney, complete your adventure with the Sydney Tower Skywalk. The Skywalk is like literally walking on the roof of Sydney. You are to tread a glass-flooring with the skyguides commenting on the colorful view provides insights as you see Sydney at 268 metres above sea level. The tower itself is double the height of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and yes, it is the same height as the Eiffel Tower! This experience is best for those height-fearful individuals as they feel liberation with the security of being among the clouds. This adventure is known for its safety. Those who take on the adventure are given safety-harnesses that is attached to external walkways at all times allowing full view with the comfort of assurance. So, it is safe and what a fun!

Sydney may be the busiest among the laid-back nature of the only country with its own continent. The attraction it offers is an experience of a lifetime. The internet is oozing with commentaries among those who have experienced it already. It never failed to meet expectations and the actual experience exceeds it. It is about time that you take on that experience as well.

Source by Mary J. Thomson

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