Taxi Booking Complete Solution. Web and Android App


New update! All new features with new UI changes – 09/01/2018

Taxi Booking Android App & Web Application

DEMO – Web Application (PHP)
Username : Admin
Password : 123

DEMO – Android Application APK

Android APK Download Link

Android – Passenger Login

Email –
Password – c1@123

Android – Driver Login

Email –
Password – d5@123

Change Log

All new features and new UI changes- 2017-01-09
Fixed on map marker click popup - 2017-03-26
Updated to Android Studio IDE
Updated guide doc
Update minor design changes in android app
Fixed web google map API key issue
Fixed server down error on mobile app.
Improved reliability and tested crash test

Android and PHP knowledge required to setup the app. Please email me in order to setup for customized cost.

What You Get

  1. Android Studio Project source files
  2. Admin Panel source files (PHP)
  3. MySQL database backup
  4. Guide and instructions

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