TECHNUV F198B 2.5 TFT LCD Screen Car DVR Camcorder(Black)”

Capturing memories on the go has a technological upgrade with the new HD Portable DVR. This car camera ensures to capture your journey with a simple plug and play option. It finely fits on the windshield of your car without causing any obstruction in your vision while driving providing a wide 120 degree angle. This device is usually used by drivers who intend to show car performance or creative personnel��s who intend to artistically capture their routes. To capture either a professional or an artistic video and audio, graphics with high quality output plays a crucial role. Therefore, this device comes equipped with Night Vision 6 IR LED camera to deliver HD videos with audio. Design The HD Portable DVR has an ergonomic design. It can be easily mounted on the windshield or the dashboard to capture a High Definition video of your journey. It has 120 Wide angle coverage. This device has a 6. 35 cm TFT LCD screen. This device supports night vision to capture after hour events on the roads of the city with its 6 IR camera and LED lights. It has an in-built microphone to record loud and clear conversations inside of the car during a journey. In case, if the video being captured is for professional purpose, you can open the windows to capture the detailed noises from the surroundings while maintaining a no noise environment inside of the car. This device comes with a free 8GB card but can easily be extended to 32 GB. Camera Features The camera has a focus range of 12 cm to infinity. It has a digital zoom of 4 X. The saved video format on the memory card is MPEG which is compatible with maximum video viewing devices. It also supports 180 degree image rotation. Resolution The HD Portable DVR supports multiple resolutions to allow you to present the video on different devices such as the TV-Max output. It supports 1280 x 960 pixels/ 720 X 480 pixels/ 640 X 480 pixels.

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