The 3 Best Body Weight Exercises For Fat Burning and Getting 6 Pack Abs

Fat loss is hard. And once in a while, everyone loses their motivation for diet and exercise.

Here are 3 kick-butt body weight exercises you can do anytime, anywhere to burn fat, stay energized, and avoid overeating. You don’t need weights or machines to do these exercises or build a better body.

Body weight exercises help you burn fat shockingly fast, without any fancy equipment.

1) Any Single-Leg Exercise —

The pistol (single-leg squat to the floor) is the most advanced
1-leg exercise. But you can also do assisted single-leg squats with a band, or onto a bench, or even with a Stability Ball between your back and the wall.
If you are not ready for single-leg squats, you can use Bulgarian
Split Squats, Reverse Lunges, regular split squats, or lying 1-leg
hip bridges if you are a beginner.

2) Decline Push-ups —

These are harder than normal push ups, thanks to your elevated feet. And in this position, you can still use a close-grip to fatigue
your triceps, a “picked-hip position” to build your shoulders, or
even the Spider man leg motion to work on your abs.

3) Body weight Inverted Rows —

I choose these over chin-ups and pull-ups because body weight rows let your chest rest, while your back is strengthened. It’s the perfect compliment to a push up.
Do 8-12 repetitions per exercise. Don’t rest between exercises. Go through the circuit up to 3 times, resting 1 minute after each

For a once-per-month challenge, do each exercise to failure in your final round through the circuit.

Source by Indrani Bhattacherjee

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