The Best Ways to Not Lose Yourself When Facing Problems

Your self-image can get negatively affected as you grow older due to negative experiences in life. This happens because we get disappointed when we do not achieve our goals. Perhaps your relationships have not worked out as you wished they could or your entrepreneurial ventures and career have taken a knock. In this article, I share with you three ways to keep a positive self image and not lose yourself in the face of adversity.

(I) Have a paragraph description of your ideal present self and future self

Describing exactly what you want gives you clarity. Even though you might have not attained what you want, using your imagination to describe what you want in detail can improves your psychology towards getting what you want. So take time to describe what you want in a piece of paper or just mentally from an ideal partner, to an ideal house and car or even life style.

Things that are not well described do not come into existence. Describe your ideal self for it to come into existence. Have your own statement of affirmation. Here is an ideal statement for your present self or future self “I am successful and talented. I have financial abundance. I have a loving wife and successful children. I am healthy and I am fit”

(II) List your accomplishments and remind yourself what you have accomplished

Can you remember a time in the past when you thought things were worse and nothing could get better? We all have had those times. Most of the tough times did pass no matter how bad we thought it was even though at the time we felt like they’d last forever. Saying to yourself “This too shall pass” can be helpful at times. If you are facing a difficult time in your life right now, it will help you to list all the difficult times in your life that you overcome and went past. Use them as your anchor to e,power yourself to remember that the problems and obstacles you are facing right now can be overcome.

(III) List two people that make you feel great and spend time with them

We all have people that see us as special and see us as heroes and heroines. This could be one of our brothers or sisters, mother or father, a friend or a partner. In our busy schedules, we sometimes forget to spend quality time with our true fans. List two people that make you feel good and great in your life and make plans to spend quality time with them. After spending quality time with them you feel great and more optimistic about the challenges that you face in your life.

Source by Phillip Ramphisa

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