The Emergence and Adoption Of The Mobile Web


Most advertising campaigns have identical structures: they start with the necessary might of radio and television, many use the written press and nowadays all, of course, are supported by an extensive and flashy website. Some sponsors occasionally organize a fun event with the appropriate banners. Nothing wrong with that, but where is the mobile web in the overall marketing mix.

Even though there is a growing realization that mobile Internet is becoming more important, it always seems to disappear quickly. Sometimes a mobile app or dedicated mobile web page is developed, but even that convenience which we often fail to recognize the value of is usually omitted. According to the facts flying over the web, new mobile devices, are launched almost daily, but how big is the mobile web reality?

In addition, how extensively do we use it? Moreover, what do we do with it?

The people at Microsoft have a Tag number of facts on mobile Internet, and its use is put in a row.

In addition, by 2014 a greater majority of us will access the web via mobile phones compared with via desktops.

Mobile Internet access and usage:

Of the four billion mobile phones in use worldwide, more than one billion units are Smartphones. Moreover, that number is growing by the day. Thus, not only is the way we get online changing, so is the way we use the Internet. While we once devoted our full attention to surfing on our desktops, now we combine it with other activities. Official figures show that we multitask a lot, with 86% of mobile Internet use occurring while watching television.

Mobile social networking:

Social networking is a favorite online activities of mobile Internet users. Americans spend as much as 2.7 hours per day maintaining social contacts through their mobile phones. Furthermore, 91% of mobile Internet uses is for socializing, including twittering, face-book and, emailing.

This is reflected in the absolute numbers. More than a third of Face-book users (about 200 million people) use Face-book. For twitter, this applies to half of all its users (about 85 million). Watching videos and sharing via mobiles is popular. YouTube has more than 200 million mobile page views per day.

Surprisingly, the most active social networking group is not teenagers, as you might expect, but women aged between 35 and 54 years.

Bring on mobile Internet:

Mobile Internet use has some impressive numbers, especially when you consider that growth remains rapid. The Internet in general, and online marketing in particular, is now a necessary component of the marketing mix to ensure success.


Source by Arrais Abdellah

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