The Mercedes Benz Bike

We are indeed referring to a Mercedes Benz bicycle, a bicycle which has been designed for 2010. This bike can be purchased from most of the Mercedes dealers for approximately one thousand five hundred euros. Obviously, the price is quite high, but here are a few pieces of information to help you understand this price.

Not anyone can afford this bicycle. However, many people know that a bicycle which has all the necessary features and very good components is quite expensive. In fact, it can costs more than two thousand euros, quality having its price. As for the Mercedes Benz Trekking Bike, the design should be worth all the money as the features don’t cover that much. The dark brown paint is borrowed from the E-Klasse model and it gives the bike a special look, which should be enough to convince those who don’t know much about bicycles.

This bike features a Rotwild frame, Sram X.5 levers, disc brakes, Conti tyre covers, a Busch&Miller lighting system and a travel fork of eighty millimetres, which resembles the one you can see with a Suntour model. Although this bike costs as much as a high-entry bike, it doesn’t live up to the standards if you think about these components.

In the end, the choice is yours. Of course, Mercedes Benz manufactures a lot of high quality products, but this bike seems to be a bit too expensive for what it has to offer a bike rider. Also, if you don’t ride very much, you shouldn’t spend your money just because we are talking about a very popular brand.

Source by James M.

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