The Mindset Of A Pro Gamer

Pro gamers are normal people, of course they are, but they do not always think like normal people, they have massive ambition and drive to succeed.

Some gamers who play games and think they can win every time will be sorely disappointed as even pro gamers do not win every time. Losing is part of becoming a better gamer, the more you lose the more you learn.

Every time you lose you need to take something useful away from it. For example, was my mouse control off, do I need to work on that or was my hotkeys a little messed up.

This is where a lot of pro gamers think differently to normal gamers, they will replay and practice everything that went wrong. They don’t just want to succeed, they need to. Wanting to win is natural for anyone who plays games, but needing to win is how a pro gamer will feel about gaming, they need the win.

By now you should of got the feeling that the most important thing to someone who games professionally is winning. This is correct but, if you focus 100 percent on winning and not 100 percent on improving your game then you can get a little unstuck.

Focusing on winning too much can make you easily frustrated and annoyed with gaming, you need to be patient and extremely focused when going through a practice drill.

Having gamed for years I can tell you it is not easy, but it is extremely rewarding.

Pro gamers will always go over games and watch them over and over again to see how they could of improved, how many of your previous games have you watched? Not many I would guess, if you have then great keep doing it, that is a great way to improve.

If they have found a certain weakness in their game then they will put themselves in the same position every game to improve, this conditioning style of gaming is great for improving on certain aspects of your game.

Just try to remember that it is important to have fun whilst gaming, but if you want to become a serious gamer then you need to set some time aside to focus on improving, do not just play purely for fun. Not playing for fun may seem crazy to you as a gamer, but sometimes this is essential for becoming professional.

To summarise some of the key points of this article, always set time aside to improve your play, re watch your games, put yourself in the worst positions to improve on them and finally be patient and focused. Good luck in your future gaming.

Source by John B Darton

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