The Moultrie Game Spy I-60 Game Camera


The Moultrie Game Spy I-60 is a top of the line trail camera for the hunter that is serious about surveying and scouting in the field and needs the best tools available to get the job done. The Moultrie I-60 is packed with features that allow you to capture and record detailed, thorough information about the game in your chosen scouting area, and uses a 40 foot flash range to capture clear, detailed still images and video, no matter the time of day or night.

The Game Spy I-60 uses infrared technology combined with a 6.0 mega pixel resolution document the wildlife that comes within range with no visible white flash to startle that wildlife. Its rapid trigger speed ensures you will not miss a thing, regardless of how small or fast the animal in question is, and with it's long 150 day battery life, you can capture and record still images and video for extended periods of time without worrying your camera is going to run out of juice too soon.

Each image of the Moultrie Game Spy I-60 takes can be stamped with detailed information, such as the temperature, phase of the moon, time, date, and barometric pressure. This information will come in very handy when it comes to planning your hunting trip, as you will know exactly what animals are likely to appear and when. Easy to set up and easy to use, the Game Spy I-60 also boasts the protection protection so no one but you can take advantage of your valuable data.


Source by Michael Magnelli

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