The Secret Design Keys to Increasing Your Website Conversions

We all know that the overwhelming majority of all ads and websites on the internet go unnoticed and unclicked. ComScore tells us that only 16% of display ads ever get clicked! Why?

Bad design.

What does this mean for you, the business owner and online advertiser? It means that it is almost certain that your advertising money is being wasted, and your business is missing out on the most lucrative market in the world. There was a time when you could put a simple sales page up on the internet and expect it to convert well. That time is gone. With the internet being flooded by everything from Elephant Back Scratchers to Cactus Pants, your product is lost in the noise.

With people becoming more educated and more wary, good design has become your most important tool in selling your products and achieving your goals.

Any time we critique a website or consult with a business on their websites performance, we have a list of over 40 keys that transform a poor performing website into one that converts. Here, we are giving you 5 of those keys to start getting your online business into shape.

Key #1 – The Connection & The Story

People are tired of being sold. They want a connection. They want to form a relationship with you. Nobody wants to land on a website and be told that they should buy something, without even really knowing that much about it, or about you. Tell them a story. Never view every visitor as a potential sale, view them as a potential relationship with some kind of opportunity that may arise from it.

Key #2 – The Next Step

You have someone on your website, fantastic! They have a quick look, then disappear back into the virtual world. You need to give someone a clear path to what you want them to do next. Not just a “Recent News” list, get them going where you want them to go. Every step you take someone into your step is another step to developing a great relationship with them. Don’t expect people to land on your site and then explore everything.

Key #3 – Further Contact

One great thing about a website is the ability to collect a list / database that you can then use to distribute information and get potential sales and customers. That’s right, the subscription form. They key with this is to not hide it down in the footer. You want people to connect with you! If you know you need it to make a list, actually make a feature out of it! We have found, on average, that if you place a subscription form “above the fold” (visible without having to scroll down) the opt-in rate increases 10% without a single other change.

Key #4 – The Visual Experience

Here it is. Design. The biggest key to making a website a success. Content is not enough anymore – the design of it is integral. You can double your sales overnight by simply changing the look of the website. So many of our clients have come to us with a website they have made themselves, or gotten made for as little as possible, asking why it is they are not working. Then with a redesign they start to experience online success, without changing any content. You want to be professional? Look the part.

Key #5 – Credibility

People want to trust you and trust your products. One of the best way to do that is show them testimonials, logos, partners, etc who have experienced your work in the past. Testimonials are huge! Reviews on Amazon can make or break a product. The same goes for you! Get good reviews and testimonials and publish them on your site. Even better: have them as videos.

Remember that your first impression with a website visitor is the most important. Having a bad experience may mean they never come back. Give them a great experience.

Good luck and I hope you experience the success you deserve!

Source by Scott A Stuart

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