The Starting Point – More Important Than Training And Diet “Details”

Before we get into the “details” of all of the training techniques and dietary strategies for losing belly fat and getting those six pack abs, I want to show you the #1 reason why most people fail to ever achieve this goal.

If you ignore this starting point, it is most likely that you will never get the fitness results that you’re looking for. This explains why so many people struggle and yoyo back and forth with their fitness for years and years of frustration.

I know that this section is not “sexy” and you might prefer to hear specific diet tips or training tips, but hear me out on this one, as this is the biggest reason most people fail with their fitness goals…

The #1 reason for failure to achieve their fitness goal in most people is the general procrastination, laziness, and poor mental attitude about what they BELIEVE they can actually achieve.

Just to clarify, the #2 reason for failure at fat loss & achieving their dream body is ineffective training routines and poor dietary habits. Of course, those are going to be the “details” we’re going to cover in the rest of the manual… but this topic needs to be addressed first.

The reason I put mental attitude and beliefs in front of the actual details of training/nutrition for weight loss is because your mental status is the true starting point for success in anything.

This involves:

1. DECIDING exactly what you want (how you want your body to look, how much confidence you want to feel, how much energy you want, internal health, etc)

2. Making sure you actually have a BURNING DESIRE for what you want to achieve

3. Setting/documenting EXACT GOALS for what you want to achieve

4. VISUALIZING and “feeling” what you want to achieve as if you have already achieved it

5. BELIEVING that you CAN actually achieve it

6. Taking massive action NOW to start achieving (no procrastination)

In order to ever be successful at anything, all excuses need to go out the window… there is no such thing as poor genetics, no such thing as “not enough time”, no such thing as “it’s just too hard”… no excuses at all for not achieving what you set out to achieve.

This is the stuff nobody ever wants to talk about, but this is more important to get right first before ever dealing with the “details” about workouts and how to eat for fat loss or any goal for that matter.

Source by Joseph Idoko

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