The Top Three Girl Games Of Modern Times

Girl games is a newly discovered market for web experts and it gaining more popularity each day for the last couple of years, and young girls are in rave about them. The major cause of this rave is because the world of computer games has always revolved around boy games such as shooting, and what not, it has a lot of violence and even sex related themes.

And because this computer gaming has never really been able to attract large amount of girl audience. Girl are meant for Barbie dolls and toy make up kits, but today all these has changed and all because of the advancement of technology.

Typically when you go online and look for games, what you will see are racing, sport related, and shooting games, which targets the boy’s market. And you might notice that girl games are mainly focused on creativity and calm games that do not pose any violence or rage for that matter.

This is because girls typically enjoy games of such theme and so popularity amongst girls games has truly soared up for more than one hundred percent in the last two years which only proves that girls does have interest for computer except that there were very few games available for them before.

Three Typical Game Genres for Young Girls and Pre-teens

1. Cooking Games

Cooking is the most popular girl game ever. This is just reasonable since every once in a girl’s life were they enticed with the idea of cooking meals and serving food family like their all-to-good-mother.

In cooking games children are introduced to different recipes. It allows them to be more familiar with exotic food, and new recipes. They are given a wide variety of food categories which enhances their mind’s creativity. They can become the chef on one of the most famous restaurants in Italy, or be a full time mom and serve food to her children. Cooking games allows them to practice the basic skill in cooking. Some games also require your child to serve the food which then enhances your child’s organizational skill.

2. Kissing Games

Kissing games allows you to spread peace and love around the web. Kissing games typically revolve around kissing cute boys avatar. It allows your child to experience crushes and what approach to do best when boys try to kiss them, giving them the fun factor that otherwise you wouldn’t approve of if done literally. Virtually is more like the point and kissing games allow them to feel the excitement and fun of your first kiss.

3. Dress up Games

Dress up games typically promotes fashion designing, dressing up, as well as make-up themed virtual games. This game entices many girls who have passion for trendy clothing and couture designing. Others simply love acting like real adults by doing make-ups, matching colors and applying then properly on their models. Seeing their mother and older sister look better when they put on their make up attracts these little ones towards proper application of make up.

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