The Trick Photography Method

The photographer needs not to be a master when it comes to editing; all he requires is the technical knowledge and how to apply with along with pure skills.

This article will guide you through your task of capturing trick photographs. You need to be patient since you might not be able to obtain perfect results in a go but with loads of practice you will obtain stunning trick photographs. You will also learn trick photography techniques, ideas and special effects as well as the right method to produce a trick photograph using strategic angling, long exposures and of course various sources of lights.

The content will guide both professionals and beginners. What beginners need to know is about their camera. If you already have a DSLR then you already have what is required for trick photography. Get familiar with its settings and start clicking. Secondly, when it comes to capturing light drawings you need long exposures. For that you need to purchase LED lights or strips which you can get from Amazon.

Before I start guiding you about pro level trick photography tricks, I want to make one thing clear. Most of the beginners believe that to get a beautiful photograph, you need to have good editing skills. Well, you have been misguided, pictures do require editing but it is not the major thing. Focus on techniques and learn editing skills later when need arises.

So, are you fully prepared to learn a few amazing pro level photography tricks? Let’s begin!

  1. When using Maglite or any other bright light source, remove its cover in order to get a clear image.
  2. Want to trace the outline of an object and want to give a neon effect? Easy. Perform this trick in pitch dark by drawing across the object as quickly as you can.
  3. Tie a light source with a string if you want the light to go through small objects.
  4. By placing the camera on the floor with the pitch dark background while using long exposures, you can create a pure light drawing. Use LED or camera flash as a source of light.
  5. Try giving your trick photograph smoky effect by placing the object in front of a blank background, using overhead light and adjusting the settings of ISO to the lowest point. Draw the smoke from reference point while positioning the light at a single point.

Try these tricks and you will amazed to see that how beautifully they work.

Source by Ronald M Griqua

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