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The search for Xoole

It’s said there are giants that fear nothing, that are untouchable and traverse the web eating up information at unprecedented speeds. It’s believed that they control, that they are invincible entities. We know of them, we hear of them everyday, but there is something coming. Something is coming from the far reaches of cyberspace that will mark it’s opponents, these giants, with a big red X. It’s name is Xoole.

Xoole is at this moment is an enigma. To grasp it’s intentions you have to visit, where although the mystery, there is light shed with the use of clues and movies as to what it is. To add to the mysterious origins of this new entity, the site is shrouded in black with an eerie audio loop playing in the background. Do we want to know what Xoole is? The answer is yes, because Xoole is different.

Let us search for Xoole.

Watching the first trailer, the red text fills your eyes with a distinguishing pulse of whats to come. The short video explains what these giants have thought and what we also believe about them. It then goes on to tell you that “He’s Coming” and shows the red X that is the symbol for Xoole, then, of course the video is over. The viewer gets filled with a feeling of excitement when trying to figure out who ‘He’ is.

Upon clicking the second trailer the viewer will notice that the next short film is being shown in a quicktime format, suggesting that there is some sort of video footage in it’s sequence. If you listen closely while watching other than the low hum of music you can hear a man speaking the words that get displayed on the screen. The film eventually shows a very small clip of a video being shot in the sky, and for a split second you see a small black dot amidst the blue. Does this have anything to do with Xoole? Will we witness an impact of magnitude as we watch our skies? Is Xoole an extraterrestrial? These questions have not been answered. And obviously someone knows something we do not.

The third and currently last video trailer on depicts someone running, someone scared. The red night theme adds to the effect of bloodshed and out of nowhere you hear the sound of a chainsaw ripping to life. A midnight horror, we have yet to know. It seems that Xoole will be a fierce combatant and unmerciful to his opposer’s. Will his coming bring the red night sky as shown in the video clip? Are the giants ready?

We will all just have to wait and find see.

Source by Maurice Sanchez

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