Tips For Removing Clutter The Green Way

Getting your home clean and clear is a tough thing to consider if you’re not really up to it. Many people aren’t thinking about the process of removing clutter or even going green. In fact, many just let things pile up and then one day realize that they need to get themselves into cleaning mode. If you have ever felt yourself let clutter get in the way you may need some tips to help you make progress. The following tips and tricks will help you garner more success from your green cleaning endeavors.

Make A Major Assessment

The first thing that you need to do is simple, walk around your home and make a serious assessment of the clutter that you have. You need to focus on figuring out what kind of mess you have on hand and what you want to tackle first. Don’t just say, “I want to tackle everything” as that is going to be overwhelming. Take your time, assess the issues, and start to work with just “one” area of your home that needs some TLC. If you start with one area, then you can start to make progress into the others but don’t try to do it all at once.

Create Separate Piles

There should be separate piles for things that you want to keep, throw away, and give away. You should start working towards downsizing some of your things. Think about what you really use, and what you honestly don’t. You have to be brutally honest with yourself to ensure that you are able to remove clutter and with a focus on giving things away, recycling, or throwing them away, you’ll be able to go green and help others in the same vein. Do not just throw everything away, and don’t just keep everything, your goal is to downsize, as that will help with removing clutter and reduce future messes.

Start At The Top

For those that have a lot of shelves with things stored up high start there. Don’t work your way from the bottom up but instead work your way from the top down. This will ensure that you’re able to get to “dusty” areas that you may not look into a great deal. This will help you get the upper hand in terms of cleaning and reduce clutter overall.

Vacuum More Often

One last tip that you’ll want to adhere to is to vacuum and so often. This will help you not only clear paths of clutter, it will put cleaning at the forefront of your mind, keep dust to a minimum, and ensure less work when you eventually undertake larger cleaning projects.

Source by Jenn Jarvis

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