Toby’s Adventures: Beach (Android/iOS)


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Toby’s Adventures Beach is a mobile game developed with Corona.
You cannot open the project in Android Studio, you need Corona and it’s completely free to use.
You can publish for Android and iOS, but you will need a Mac to publish your apps to the App Store.

The game contains Appodeal ads, you can also use other ad networks in Corona aps.

It is a hot and sunny day, but Toby is excited for a brand new adventure on a beach. He is trying to find some delicious ice creams! You need to collect all the ice creams and reach the yellow portal. The big ice cream with cherry is going to make your body bigger and let you destroy platforms, while the yellow popsicle is going to shrink your body for a faster speed and longer jump. Don’t touch animals and avoid traps. You only have limited time to finish each level. Can you help Toby beat all the levels?


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