Top 5 Benefits of a Baby Video Monitor


Baby monitors are one of the most vital pieces of parenting equipment that any parent can possibly own. Indeed, the security, convenience, intensive mode and peace of mind that these devices provide is truly unparallel by any other tool of recent times. Audio baby monitors are useful, but the advanced functionality and detailed information that video monitors give are of great help to parents. Anyone shopping for baby monitors should keep in mind the following top five benefits of these devices.

1. Time-to-time detection of baby's movements

While every parent has their own tried-and-tested methods of baby care, a major signal for some parents to decide whether or not to comfort the awakened child in the crib, is to first note whether the infant has stood up or is still lying in the crib. Sleep training in general requires that the child still gets opportunities to self-soothe itself before the father or mother intervenes to comfort him. The timely visual information provided by the baby video monitor is crucial to the decision made by parents of entering the nursery to comfort the child. When parents view in the monitor, that their awakened child is lying down in the crib, they can hold on for a few minutes before intervening, this itself is of great value to the sleep training process.

2. Saves time, energy & increases convenience

Video monitors keep parents updated with instant visual information of the baby's movements and behavior, even when they are meters away from the nursery. By knowing that their infant is sleeping peacefully and has not awakened yet, parents need not rush into the nursery every hour to check on their baby and can so give them the much needed rest for the night. This is of special concern since parents usually have a tough time juggling their roles of an all-time caregiver and a part-time professional. So for them, the night's sleep is of great value and every minute counts.

3. Accurate tracking of sleep

Small babies while crying usually toss and turn. Audio monitors may not be able to pick their whimpers or sounds of turning in the crib, as it may be difficult for them to differentiate between low frequency baby sounds and other background noise. A video monitor on the other hand, shows parents exactly what is happening even when the infant looks to be sleep.

4. Cloud services & sharing

High-end video monitors can connect to the internet network of home in order to transmit video clips through WiFi. The presence of a WiFi camera allows parents to login easily and view these captured feeds through internet connection, from any part of the world. Such a convenient technology allows them to check on their tiny pots from their workplace, or when out of town.

5. Extra level of security

Video monitors provide similar level of security as that of security cameras. They alert the parents whenever the child has stood up, bumped its head or fallen accidentally. They also enable them to view whether their children are getting the required level of care by their nannies or not.

Thus, to summarize these aforementioned benefits, it may be rightful to say, that a video video monitor should top the list of your baby care items. It offers effective vigilance of your baby's motions and activities and alerts you on the same to prevent untoward accidents.


Source by Gerad Barclay

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