Translated Games Importer for Arcadia



Translated Games Importer will allow you to import games translated in your selected language to your arcadia arcade site, this is useful for arcade sites with targeted country visitors.


  • Integrated & Advanced – Fully integrated to the system, no database importing and installation needed. A separated game database server was created for this plugin and some of the upcoming 2.0 new importing features we’re added!
  • Direct Import – Direct import system, it will automatically add translated games to your arcade database
  • Tons of Languages– Supports over 100 languages for you to bring out the best language oriented arcade site! Powered by Google Translate!

Mega Promo

If you bought arcadia from november 1 until now, you are eligible to get this plugin for free. Download link will be posted soon, please wait.

Customer Support

Please look at the included documentation first. If you can’t find the solution, you can create a new ticket at, a valid purchase code is required! Thanks!


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