Ultimate Mobile View


GetResponse and AWeber even provide the autoresponder e-mail address you’ll plug into the theme to use it.

What Exactly Does It Do?

When you use this WordPress theme, your mobile website visitors don’t have to type their e-mail address into the field to optin on your mobile squeeze page.

(You already know how clumsy you can get with the small keypads on mobile devices).

They’ll click a button that sends an e-mail to your autoresponder address and it automatically subscribes them to your list.

Here’s How It Works…

Computer traffic will go to the computer version of your squeeze page and mobile traffic will automatically go to the mobile version….

Not only will the mobile squeeze page be the correct size for a mobile device, but your website visitors can subscribe to your list without entering their e-mail address.

They click a button and it subscribes them without going through the typing hassles.


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