Vehicle Database CSV, XLSX, SQL, Dropdown search and WordPress/Woocommerce ready


A very helpful bundle with vehicle database around the world with Year, Brand and Model.
We will update this list when we will have it ready and we will include ATV, Motorcycles and maybe Trucks.

We wait your suggestions regarding improvements.

This item includes:
1. One excel with: (all.xlsx)
– 65 years starts with 1909 to 2013
– 82 Brands
– 1020 Models

  • Also the same CSV is included. (all.csv)
    See printscreen 1-csv.png

2. A html file web ready with JS and all required scripts inside, that you can drop-down search, and the remaining fields will auto-populate based on previous selection.

See printscreen 2-html-drop-down-search.png

3. SQL file that you can insert it in any database.
See printscreen 3-sql.png

4. Woocommerce HTML that you can insert in any WordPress/Woocommerce site
See printscreen 4-woocommerce.png

* Remember that you can buy the Elite-IFWoo (that stands for Elite – Image Fetcher for Woocommerce) that will show you google images results, based on Title, Category, Tags, Attributes.

  • I can provide more demos if you want.

– Easy to import file to any website
– Directly use database table for anywebsite or for wordpress / –
– We will update soon
– We offer Implementation Support


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