Visual composer Notifications & Alerts


Visual Composer Popups and Notifications adds the ability to create alerts (modal box) and notifications directly form your Visual Composer.

You can add Social media widgets (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc) , shortcodes like those of Gravity Forms , Images or Videos in alerts and notifications. You can also use multiple notifications on same page.

Features for Notifications:

  • Fontawesome Support to add icons in notifications
  • Ability to upload own image as icon in notifications
  • 3 inbuilt themes and option to create own colour combinations with colour picker
  • 60+ animations for notifications
  • 6 Inbuilt sounds
  • Set Width for notifications
  • Ability to show/hide Close button
  • Make notifications Sticky
  • Ability to close notifications by clicking anywhere on them
  • Option to Set delay
  • Option to show delay indicator
  • Set Entrance and Exit animations
  • Set position of notifications (any corner of screen)
  • Option to set sound for notifications

Features for Alerts (Modal)

  • 3 inbuilt themes and option to create own colour combinations with colour picker
  • Option to make alerts draggable
  • Option to close with ESC key
  • Option to hide close button
  • Option to show overlay
  • Set height and width
  • Note: This addon only loads the notifications on page load , not on button click. The way it works in demo page is to show how the different type of notifications look.

    Note: You need Visual Composer for this addon to work

    v1.2 17 Jan 2018
    Fixed Visual composer spinning wheel issue
    v1.1 15 jan 2016
    fixed js and css bugs
    initial release


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