Vote Up Down WordPress Plugin



Vote Up Down WordPress Plugin let’s you create vote polls for your posts, pages, comments and more! It has a variety of 15 themes to choose from when creating a vote poll.
You can also let your users revote on a specific vote poll with or without a time constraint(example, revote every 30 seconds).

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Features List

  • Responsive Design
  • 15 themes
  • You can allow users to change their current vote
  • You can add a time between each user vote
  • Shortcode Generator for ease of use
  • Simple
  • Set Who can Vote(Everyone, Logged in Users)
  • Set where to display the comment votes(before or after the comment)
  • Multiple vote polls per post, page, comments
  • Ability to change vote theme and other settings on vote items
  • Animations


  • 980 grid
  • jQuery


18 December 2015
- Fixed an issue where previous installed plugins wouldn't appear on tinyMCE editor.
- Added a callback function to warn users with tinyMCE version.
23 August 2015
- Fixed an issue where some users vote weren't registering correctly.


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