Wall Clock Hidden Spy Camera


A wall clock hidden spy camera is an ingenious way to monitor children indirectly and give you the piece of mind that you need. I have a DVR wall clock color hidden camera installed in my home so I can keep track of my family while I am away for work. Its motion-activated recording spares me from having to sit through endless hours of predictable recording.

A feature called motion detection area masking is particularly useful for preventing the built-in DVR from recording pets. It masks the camera's lower field of vision so our Persian cats do not activate recording.

In my work, I frequently meet parents running the household full-time who tend to give up their personal time out of guilt, which is unproductive. A wall clock camera affords parents even just a few hours to themselves everyday.

With a wall clock hidden camera, parents need not hurry through grocery shopping and end up buying cost or unhealthy food, a conversation with friends, a much needed workout at the gym or jogging track, or romance!

Previewing my DVR clock color hidden camera recording is very easy. I plug its RCA cable to my TV or computer monitor, or its 8GB SD card to my computer. Any video player that supports the NTSC / PAL system or MPEG4 format will do.

A spy camera will help parents develop trust in the babysitter or nanny and also have realistic expectations for child-returning helpers. For stealth, a wall clock hidden spy camera is a working clock. Nhoj A Eeldua helped me get all of my hidden camera and surveillance needs.


Source by Kimberly Iaquinto

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