What Vitamins Do You Need After Bariatric Surgery?

The post-bariatric surgery person has special nutritional needs. Not least is getting all the essential vitamins and minerals we all need. Whether they’ve undergone an AGB (Adjustable Gastric Band or Lap-Band), Gastric Bypass, or any other procedure, those essentials can be difficult to get solely from food and drink.

Bariatric surgery alters the way the body absorbs vitamins and minerals, and can alter hormones that influence how some are synthesized by the body itself. Fortunately, nutritional supplement companies like Bariatric Advantage, Robens, and others understand those issues well. They’ve responded by producing a complete line of chewable vitamins, fusion vitamins, liquid bariatric vitamins, and more for the post-op bariatric dieter.

Bariatric dieters often tend to experience calcium deficiency. They may become anemic from poor iron absorption. They often require supplemental B-complex. Those and other essential vitamins and minerals can be difficult to get even from a specially designed diet. Post-op individuals eat and drink or retain much less than normal dieters, due to a smaller or reconfigured gastrointestinal tract.

For them, what we call nutritional supplements become no longer just a supplement to the diet, but an essential source of needed nutrients. Those compounds form the building blocks for what the body needs to protect the immune system, power cellular reactions, build strong bones, and many other vital processes.

In some cases, that means a stand-alone supplement for calcium or iron. In others, it may mean a broad spectrum multivitamin that contains multiple essentials. In all cases, it means getting exactly the right vitamins and minerals in exactly the right daily amounts.

Source by Barney Helzer

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