What’s The Angry Birds Game All About?

The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy green pigs who stole the their eggs. Use the distinctive powers of each bird to wipeout the green pigs castles. The game features stimulating physics-based gameplay and countless hours of fun whenever you feel like winding down and working on your trajectory skills just load it up and start popping pigs. Each of the 195 levels requires skill, logic, and precision to solve.

These aren’t your normal birds. They each have special powers to aid in the efforts of catching those pigs that stole their eggs. As you progress through the game you will meet the family of birds. There is the Red bird, who is like a mercenary with average power. Then there is the Yellow bird, which is my favorite, they have the unique talent of speed and can destroy almost anything in its path. Next you will be introduced to the small Blue bird, at first glance you don’t see what is special about this tiny bird but once activated he splits up into three birds in order to cover a lot more ground. Next, you’ll meet the White bird, now these guys are the aerial bombers, dropping an egg like a bomb destroying anything it lands on. Then comes the Black bird, which is the suicide bomber of the clan, blowing up upon contact and doing massive amounts of damage. Last but not least, is the Green bird, aka the boomerang, when activated he will boomerang backwards and take out just about anything in its path.

The game is very addicting and you must be mindful because otherwise you can easily spend hours playing without even realizing it. Great for when waiting for an appointment at the doctors or whenever you need to waste some time. One of the aspects of the game that keep you playing is the star rating for each level. You can get one two or three stars depending on how well you completed the level. Sometimes it can take quite a few tries before you finally acquire three stars for a certain level. Generally the best way to achieve three stars is to use the least amount of birds possible to complete the level, that’s where you’ll get the most points. Also, be on the lookout for hidden golden eggs for special achievements.

If you are having trouble passing some levels or maybe you want to achieve three stars in every level but are stuck. Then you can search the web for guides and walkthroughs to help you out.

Source by Donna K Stevenson

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