Where to Download LG Applications – Free and Paid


The LG application store was launched three months back in July of 2009. In the three months since it has come into existence, it has risen to a significant level thanks to the app developers who have been cashing in on the population using LG smartphones as well as mobile phone users who see LG as a competent rival to the other bigger names in the industry like the iPhone, Blackberry and Android handsets. 

Since July, when the app store was only available in Singapore and Australia, the LG app store is now available in 15 different countries. Compared to the iPhone app store which has close to 85,000 apps, the number of applications  for LG is comparatively smaller – at only 1295. However, they are seeing massive uptakes among the users which should only get more developers to building these apps for LG which will give a thrust to the entire ecosystem. 

Today, the LG mobile applications come in a huge array of categories. A good 312 apps are utilities for the LG mobile phone users. Another 246 LG apps are game based apps. Apart from this, there are also a good number of apps in categories such as entertainment, travel, navigation, education, finance, lifestyle, productivity, travel, healthcare and education related. 

A very high percentage of the LG mobile applications are paid apps. The average number of free apps on the LG phones in any category is only around 5% to 10%.LG users looking to download apps may do so from the LG Application store of their respective countries. 


Source by Anand Srinivasan

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