Who Are the Best Video Game Icons?

Videogames culture has never yet made a household name of it’s designers, producers or Directors. A famous name is justified by some genuinely game defining work. The list of these industry players is endless but the limelight always goes to the character that has been created in the video game.

Console game designers have changed the actual characters over time. This is done with advancing technology. What is good is that the designers have aimed to preserve the iconography while making the stars of their games more three -dimensional. Who is your favorite game icon? How many of these can you remember?

Pac-man 1980 Once king of the arcade and originally called Puck man. A yellow munching machine that looked like a Pizza with a missing slice.

Sonic the Hedgehog 1991 The spiky blue mascot has been almost prolific as his rival Mario. Sonic was all about one thing, Speed.

Lara Croft 2001 England’s favorite pistol firing treasure hunter. The top heavy original was later turned into an elegantly athletic model.

Pikachu 1998 The most famous of all Pokemon. The super fast mascot is still catchable in Pokemon games and has been spotted in other video games.

Console makers are also associated by Mascot characters. Nintendo has Mario who has starred in well over a hundred games. His first appearance was in the platform game Donkey Kong in 1980. PlayStation, Xbox, Gamecube, Game Boy, Wii, and DS, they all have their favorite character

As long as new console games are being invented, more iconic characters will appear. Enjoy your gaming.

Source by Peter Plant

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