Why Twitter for Business Makes Sense


I've been on Twitter for a while now and it's been very useful to me and my business. I've seen traffic to my website increase and I've had some increased inquires about my services. So what benefit can it offer you?

Promoting your business

Twitter can be a great way to make your followers aware of your business and any special offers you may currently have.

It's a networking opportunity

You can find Twitter followers in the same geographical region and potential new clients or partners. You may also learn about events and activities taking place in your own locality.

Expert Advice

Even though there are many tweets and followers that you will have no interest in you may also find experts in your own business area. There is no reason why you can not ask these experts or those in your own network questions to help you and your business.

A whole world of information

As has become clear in recent years Twitter has had an impact on how we follow news and get new information. Apart from fresh information you can share with followers it also helps you keep up to date with developments in your own business area.

All of this is fine but how do I do I go about it you may ask?

Once you set up a Twitter account you are ready to go.

Some key points to start off.

Add a picture or image to your account. It could have been your logo or perhaps a photograph. Do not leave it blank as users will be less interested in following the default image that Twitter uses. You should also add your website link.

What Then?

Find Followers

Initially it's a good idea to find users who are located near you, either in the same region or local area. This way you can create opportunities to engage and build an online network.

Follow your interests

Search for new followers who are interested in the same things as you or are in the same business area.


Influencers are accounts on Twitter who have a lot of followers and typically are worth listening to or following. These can include large enterprises, news organizations and organizations which are important to your line of business. They can also be individuals who are considered experts in their field.


If one of your followers has something interesting to say, tell others. If you find a new piece of news you think is interesting why not tell them about that too?

Twitter is about people and not just your business

While you may be using Twitter for marketing your business Twitter is also about networking with people and having conversations. Your tweets should be a mix of marketing your services or products, things of interest and conversations.

Using Twitter can be of benefit to a business and not just for promotional purposes. Engaging with your audience can help to make it a more rewarding and extremely successful experience.


Source by Kenneth O'Brien

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